Wolfgang Van Halen has “ideas ripe for the picking” for the next Mammoth WVH album

Credit: Bryan Beasley

Mammoth WVH had a, well, mammoth year in 2021, and that looks to continue in 2022 with the band’s Young Guns co-headlining tour with Dirty Honey. In addition to hitting the road, could Wolfgang Van Halen also be returning to the studio this year?

As Wolf tells ABC Audio, nothing’s been recorded yet, but he definitely has plans brewing for some new music.

“I really gotta carve out that time to be able to put a worthwhile amount and a good bit of effort into it,” Wolf says. “But in terms of ideas ripe for the picking to get it done, they’re there, we just gotta make the time.”

Wolf probably won’t need as much time to record the next Mammoth effort as he did for the project’s 2021 self-titled debut, which was as much a journey of self discovery as it was an album.

“I kind of was trying to figure out who I was through the whole process,” Wolf shares. “The producer, [Michael] “Elvis” Baskette, and I would get together for a couple weeks here and a couple weeks here… probably over the course of three years and maybe eight-to-10 different sessions of meeting up and doing stuff.”

The Young Guns tour launches January 18 in Philadelphia.

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