With the gift of time, Dirty Honey hopes to deliver “high quality material” on self-titled debut album

Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

On “The Wire,” a track off Dirty Honey‘s self-titled debut album, frontman Marc LaBelle sings, “This wasn’t part of the plan.” Surely, the past year hasn’t been a part of anyone’s plans, Dirty Honey very much included.

Dirty Honey had originally hoped to record what would become their first full-length offering in the spring of 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic made short work of those intentions. A year and many, many Zoom calls later, Dirty Honey is finally here in all of its rock ‘n roll glory.

As LaBelle tells ABC Audio, the pandemic did have one positive impact on the album: the gift of time.

“When you’re in that endless cycle of touring that you can get caught up in, you don’t have that time to figure [songs] out,” he explains. “COVID definitely helped give us that time we needed to finish, create and sort of make it all better.”

At just eight songs and 30 minutes long, Dirty Honey is on the shorter side, as the band opted for the all-killer, no-filler approach.

“It could’ve been 11 or 12 songs, which we were initially toying around with doing, but some of the material just didn’t cut the mustard,” says drummer Corey Coverstone. “When we went to record it, we were just, like, ‘Why should we put this out if it’s not good?'”

Being an independent band also cut out any “label pressure” to add more songs or include past hits like “When I’m Gone” and “Rolling 7s,” which Dirty Honey had no interest in repurposing.

“We wanted this [album] to stand on its own,” LaBelle says.

“We only do what we want,” he adds. “And what we want to do is create really high quality material that we all enjoy and stand behind.”

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