With debut album on the way, Dirty Honey frontman reflects on success of "When I'm Gone"

Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

Last week, Dirty Honey announced the details of their upcoming self-titled debut album. The record will follow the band’s 2019 self-titled EP, which spawned their breakout hit “When I’m Gone” and the single “Rolling 7s.”

Frontman Marc LaBelle tells ABC Audio that he thinks the success of “When I’m Gone,” which made Dirty Honey the first unsigned band to hit number one on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart, provided a “good barometer” for rock’s status in the modern music scene.

“It kinda showed me obviously that people were thirsty for it,” LaBelle says. “[They] wanted something that was soulful and raw, that hearkens back to the old days of rock ‘n roll, but is also a fresh, new twist on the four-piece rock band.”

LaBelle is also encouraged by the amount of “new, young rock bands popping up all over the place.”

“I hope it’s the start of a greater movement,” he says. “Not necessarily to, like, ‘bring back the good old days,’ but just the attitude of rock ‘n roll is something that’s been prevalent in every decade, really, since the ’60s, and I felt like the 2010s didn’t have it, so hopefully the 2020s do.”

In writing new music himself to follow “When I’m Gone,” LaBelle shares that he did initially feel “pressure” to follow that song’s historic achievement, but that pressure has since turned into “excitement.”

“I was getting anxious just thinking about what the response was gonna be,” LaBelle says. “And now, being that there’s more really good stuff getting created, I’m just excited.”

“I’m really confident in the material we’ve been writing,” he adds.

Dirty Honey the album will be released April 23.

By Josh Johnson
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