Watch Dirty Honey rock in one take in “Another Last Time” video

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Dirty Honey has premiered the video for “Another Last Time,” a track off the band’s self-titled debut album.

The clip, which is shot all in one continuous take, finds the “When I’m Gone” rockers providing the soundtrack to a host of illicit activities, including affairs, robbery, gambling and drug use, all taking place around a seedy motel.

“The song’s lyrics tell the story of a toxic relationship you can’t seem to get out of, and you keep going back for more,” says frontman Marc LaBelle. “But it’s as much a song about any addiction or compulsion, anything you just can’t kick — drugs, money, danger, whatever.” 

He adds, “Shooting the video the way we did presented a real challenge, but I think that when you take on doing something special like this and you succeed, you come out with something really great. And I think we did.”

You can watch the “Another Last Time” video streaming now on YouTube.

Dirty Honey is currently traveling the U.S. on the Young Guns tour alongside Mammoth WVH.

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