Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider may bring back stage makeup in response to drag bans

Getty Deesnider 041923
Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider is thinking about breaking out his old makeup case. In a response to a tweet about Montana’s recent drag ban, Snider shared his desire to get back to his old Twisted Sister look.

The amended ruling bans “obscene performances” of “male or female performers who adopt flamboyant or parodic feminine personas with glamorous makeup and exaggerated costumes.” 

“You know I haven’t worn the Twisted Sister Makeup in many years,” Snider responded to the post, “but now I’m tempted to put it back on!”

Snider has already said that he plans to reunite Twisted Sister in 2024 for political rallies, especially since politicians keep using “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” but not in the way it was intended. This could mean the makeup will be back for those performances.

After urging the “true majority” of Americans to “fight back, push back, take control,” regarding the push for these bans, Snider shared a John Wick meme that read “People keep asking if I’m back. I’m starting to think I’m back.” He then noted, “I took off the @TwistedSisterny makeup more than a decade ago, but in light of the current stupidity in the USA it just might be time to start wearing it again!” 

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