Trivium announces ‘In the Court of the Dragon’ album; listen to new song “Feast of Fire” now

Courtesy Roadrunner Records

Court is in session for Trivium‘s next album. Also, dragons are involved.

The Florida metallers have announced a new record called In the Court of the Dragon, due out October 8. The effort is a quick follow-up to Trivium’s last album, What the Dead Men Say, which was just released last year.

In the Court of the Dragon features the previously released title track, which dropped in July. You can also listen to a second, just-released album cut, “Feast of Fire,” now via digital outlets.

Trivium is set to return to the road later this month on the Metal Tour of the Year alongside Megadeth, Lamb of God and Hatebreed. The outing launches August 20 in Austin.

Here’s the In the Court of the Dragon track list:

“In the Court of the Dragon”
“Like a Sword Over Damocles”  
“Feast of Fire”   
“A Crisis of Revelation”  
“The Shadow of the Abattoir”   
“No Way Back Just Through”   
“Fall into Your Hands”   
“From Dawn to Decadence”   
“The Phalanx”   

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