Three Days Grace re-ties Shinedown’s ’Billboard’ Mainstream Rock Airplay chart record

RCA Records

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Three Days Grace and Shinedown are tied for the most #1 singles in the history of Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart.

The Canadian rockers have earned their 17th lead on Mainstream Rock Airplay with their latest single, “Lifetime,” once again matching the total set by Brent Smith and company.

For those who haven’t been following along, TDG and Shinedown’s battle for Mainstream Rock Airplay chart supremacy has been one for the ages. TDG first set the record for most #1s in 2018 with 14, surpassing a mark long held by Van Halen. Shinedown eventually caught up in 2020, when both them and TDG each had 15 #1s, and then took sole possession of the record later that year with their 16th lead.

TDG then ended up tying Shinedown in February of this year with “So Called Life,” but Shinedown soon retook the record just a month later with “Planet Zero,” extending their total to 17. Now, with “Lifetime,” TDG is tied with Shinedown for the third time in two years.

“Lifetime” is the current single off Three Days Grace’s new album, Explosions, which was released in May.

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