Three Days Grace bassist hopes to “start a relationship” with new ‘Explosions’ songs on US headlining tour

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Three Days Grace is “excited” to hit the road in support of the band’s new album, Explosions.

The Canadian rockers launch a U.S. headlining outing Monday in Detroit, with “Circle the Drain” outfit Wage War and “Adrenaline” artist Zero 9:36.

“We’re constantly trying to up the show a little bit,” bassist Brad Walst tells ABC Audio. “It’s gonna be an exciting tour with Wage War and Zero 9:36. Those are both new and upcoming bands [that are] pretty heavy and great guys.”

Walst is especially pumped to bring more songs from Explosions to the live stage.

“Funny enough, some of these songs being recorded the way they were, we haven’t even played them live,” Walst shares. “So it’ll be cool to start a relationship with some of these songs together.”

Walst certainly has long relationships with many of Three Days Grace’s biggest hits — the riff to “Just Like You” may as well be tattooed onto his brain at this point — and he’s looking forward to keeping the set list fresh.

“Being in this band for 25 years, there’s old songs from 20 years ago where you’re like, ‘OK, we’re gonna play this one again,’ ’cause you got to, right?” Walst laughs. “But I always love playing new stuff.”

“I’m excited to throw in songs like ‘I Am the Weapon,’ which is pretty heavy and just a big, big, big rock song,” he adds. “So a song, like, that I’m pretty stoked about.”

Explosions, which also features the singles “So Called Life” and “Lifetime,” is out now.

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