The Pretty Reckless predicts the future alongside a "wailing" Tom Morello solo with "And So It Went" single

Courtesy Fearless Records

And so it went: another Pretty Reckless song climbs the charts.

Taylor Momsen and company’s latest single, “And So It Went,” has been following in the footsteps of the outfit’s previous hits as it bounds up Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay ranking. It currently sits at number three  — a mark matched by six other Pretty Reckless singles, five of which would eventually hit number one.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Momsen shares that she originally wrote “And So It Went” as a reflection of the “civil unrest” she felt was “bubbling up in society.”

“[I was] just watching the world start to go crazy, so I wrote a song about it,” she says.

While that sounds like a song that was written in the past year, Momsen says that “And So It Went” actually predates the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you actually dissect the lyrics a little bit more…some of it almost seems like it was written yesterday,” she says. “It’s bizarre.”

Momsen describes “And So It Went” as a “straightforward rock song,” but it packs an extra punch thanks to a guitar solo from one Tom Morello. After she finished writing the track, Momsen knew it needed the Rage Against the Machine shredder.

“I tend to think that featuring and collaborations are quite overdone nowadays and I don’t actually really like them,” Momsen laughs. “But in this case, I couldn’t hear it completed without him.”

“It did exactly what I thought it was gonna do,” she adds of Morello’s solo. “He just comes in wailing, and it’s awesome…if you don’t already have it cranked to 10 by the time he comes in, you’re turning that up.” 

“And So It Went” appears on the new Pretty Reckless album Death by Rock and Roll, which is out now.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

By Josh Johnson
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