Tetrarch channels outcast anxiety in new “Stitch Me Up” video

Credit: Guillermo Briceño

Tetrarch has premiered the video for “Stitch Me Up,” a track off the band’s new album, Unstable.

The clip finds the “I’m Not Right” outfit performing in a high school gym where one student is dressed like the Batman villain Scarecrow and is shunned by the rest of his classmates.

“The theme of this video is kind of about being an outcast in your everyday life,” says guitarist Diamond Rowe. “You can sometimes feel like a complete freak when it seems like no one else sees things the same way that you do or has common interests, but finally meeting up with people that are like you can make you feel safe and whole.”

You can watch the “Stitch Me Up” video streaming now on YouTube.

Unstable was released in April. It also includes the single “You Never Listen.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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