"Take Me Away" rocker Ayron Jones teases a "range of sound" on upcoming debut album

Credit: Karen Mason Blair

After breaking out in 2020 with his single “Take Me Away,” Ayron Jones is turning his attention toward his debut album.

Speaking to ABC Audio, the rocker shares that while “Take Me Away” “sets the tone” for the material to come, he feels that listeners will be “quite surprised at the range of sound” the record will offer.

That range, Jones explains, is something he feels he can really demonstrate as a solo artist, as opposed to when he was in bands.

“Now that I’m here in the solo project, I’m making sure to really paint the colors, the spectrum that I can go through,” Jones says. “Vocally, songwriting-wise, as a guitar player, I’m trying to touch on all these things. Even as a producer, I’m touching all these bases.”

“Take Me Away,” which currently sits in the top five on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Songs chart, is a deeply personal song for Jones, an element that carries over to the rest of his music, in a sense.

“There definitely is an autobiographical sense to it,” Jones says. “But a lot of the things I’m saying, while they may have to do with my story, they aren’t necessarily correlated into my story.”

Jones adds that his songs tend to deal with “things that are multi-layered in nature.”

“I know that someone is going to be listening to this, and they’re gonna have to be able to grab a hold of this and apply it to themself and see how it makes them feel, as well,” he says. “I try to tell stories from my perspective, but with things that can be applied to a bunch of different perspectives.”

By Josh Johnson
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