Skillet's John Cooper says his comments were "misrepresented" regarding Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

Andrea Friedrich/Redferns

Skillet frontman John Cooper has released a new video saying that his comments regarding Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s performance of “WAP” at the Grammys were “misrepresented.”

In a clip from his podcast Cooper Stuff posted Wednesday, Cooper argued that being “forced to applaud” the “sexual degradation” of Cardi and Meg’s performance was representative of the Bible quote, “Woe to those that call evil good, and good evil.” In making this argument, Cooper said that dictators like Adolph Hitler would claim to be good while performing evil acts.

“You go back and you read some of Hitler’s speeches, he’s like, ‘I’m gonna set people free! Free from the bondage of the Ten Commandments!'” Cooper said. “In his mind, he’s a liberator.”

“It’s always like that,” he added. “All you do is you just redefine evil, and you redefine good. That’s what’s happening right now on the Grammys.”

In a video statement posted Thursday afternoon, Cooper says he “did not compare Cardi B to Hitler, and I did not compare her performance to Hitler or any other dictator.”

“I would never conflate [the Grammy performance] to the horrors of the genocide we saw in [the Holocaust],” he says.

Cooper adds that he “honestly [doesn’t] understand” how anyone would think he was making that comparison.

“Just to be clear and clear up any confusion, I was stating that we are living in a time, when it comes to morality, where we are redefining what is good and what is evil,” Cooper says, adding that the Grammys performance is a “microcosm” of that idea.

He concluded, “We are redefining what is moral, and what is immoral, what is virtuous, and what is not virtuous, and it is going to have devastating consequences for America.”

By Josh Johnson
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