Serj Tankian announces February release date for 'Elasticity' EP

Francesco Castaldo/Archivio Francesco Castaldo/Mondadori via Getty Images

System of a Down‘s Serj Tankian has announced a February release date for his upcoming EP, Elasticity.

Over the summer, Tankian had teased that the EP would be coming out in the fall of 2020, but in a new interview with Rolling Stone, he reveals that it was pushed back due to the arrival of two new System of a Down songs last month, which were released in support of Armenia amid its war with Azerbaijan.

“It was supposed to come out in October, but when the war started, and when we decided to put out two songs with System, that took priority [for] me,” Tankian explains. “I just called the record company that we’re working with and just said, ‘We need to push this. Can we make this work?’ And they were very cool about it.”

As Tankian previously revealed, Elasticity consists of songs he had original written for System of a Down. Even the EP’s title is a play on the band’s 2001 album, Toxicity.

The two System songs that were released in November — “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” — are the band’s first new tracks in 15 years.

By Josh Johnson
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