Saving Abel premieres new song, “Baptize Me,” with original frontman

M Savingable 041423
Skiddco Music

Saving Abel is back with a new song called “Baptize Me.”

The track marks the first fresh material from the “Addicted” rockers since reuniting with original frontman Jared Weeks in 2021. Weeks had previously been absent from the group since 2013.

“Ever since I left the band it’s like I’ve been clawing and fighting to take my life back,” says Weeks, who’s now sober following years of substance abuse. “It was hard at first but with consistency and hard work, I’ve been able to look at the things in my life that I’m not proud of, and I’ve been able to face those things, figure out where they are coming from and I’ve been able to heal.”

“That’s what the new single ‘Baptize Me’ is about,” he continues. “Consistently fighting for yourself, your life, how you treat others, and what you stand for!”

You can listen to “Baptize Me” now via digital outlets. A new Saving Abel album is due out later this year.

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