Saliva puts a “new mark” on platinum-certified ‘Every Six Seconds’ with 20th anniversary EP

Credit: Thomas Crane

This Friday, Saliva will release Every Twenty Years, an EP featuring updated versions of songs from the band’s breakout 2001 album, Every Six Seconds, recorded with current vocalist Bobby Amaru. The six-track collection marks the 20th anniversary of the RIAA Platinum-certified Every Six Seconds, which spawned the hit singles “Your Disease” and “Click Click Boom.”

For Amaru, who joined Saliva in 2011 after founding frontman Josey Scott left the group, the EP is meant to be a celebration, and certainly not a diss against any former members.

“It wasn’t, like, ‘Oh, let’s re-record these songs to piss people off,'” Amaru tells ABC Audio. “It’s definitely, like, ‘Let’s just put a new mark on them.'”

“People would ask me all the time, ‘I’d love to hear your voice on these songs, have you ever thought about doing that?'” he adds. “And at the time, I said, ‘No,’ ’cause I never did. But this was the perfect opportunity this year to do that.”

Amaru adds that the EP is also a tribute to the fans who’s stuck with Saliva throughout the band’s many ups-and-downs.

“Bands, they move on and they end up with a new singer or whatever they may be,” he says. “I can tell you the reason that they do it is because of the fan base and the fans that still support.”

Prior to joining Saliva, Amaru was a fan himself, and recalls first hearing Every Six Seconds in possibly the most 2001 way imaginable: at a listening station inside a Hot Topic. As for how a song like “Click Click Boom” fits in with the current music scene, Amaru isn’t concerned.

“I think the song itself is timeless,” he says. “It has stood the test of time.”

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