Rival Sons release new single “Rapture,” share more details about new albums

Pamela Littky

Rival Sons is giving fans a new taste of their upcoming album. The band just dropped the new tune “Rapture,” from their upcoming Darkfighter, which is now being released June 2instead of the initially announced March 10 release date. 

But that’s not all. The band is also set to release a companion album, Lightbringer, later this year.

“In comparison to our previous records, we certainly took our time both writing and recording this collection,” singer Jay Buchanan shares. “When we set out, the intention was mostly to dig as deep as possible. Even in the beginning before the body had formed, we agreed to throw the map away and chop our way through the woods to make a new path. Then lockdown hit and it felt like the whole damn country decided to throw the map away too.”

He adds that once they were finished recording, ”there were really two different sides to the same story being told, so splitting it in two was the only way to do it.”

Both albums, which are the first new releases from Rival Sons since 2019’s Feral Roots, were produced by the band’s longtime collaborator Dave Cobb. So far no release date for Lightbringer has been announced.

And fans will be able to hear some of this new music on the road. Rival Sons is getting ready to head out on tour, with a trek that begins February 16 in Knoxville, Tennessee. A full list of live dates can be found on the band’s website.

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