Premiere: Watch Classless Act strip down “All That We Are” for upcoming acoustic EP

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ABC Audio is premiering a new acoustic version of Classless Act‘s “All That We Are,” which was recorded for the band’s upcoming unplugged EP, Welcome to the Acoustic Show.

With the EP, the up-and-coming rockers hope to show a “different” and “raw” side of the sound they showcased on their debut album, Welcome to the Show, which dropped earlier this year.

“It’s like telling a different version of the same story, stripp[ing] down a song like that,” says bassist Franco Gravante, who also mixed the set. “It was very organic the way it happened, actually. It was one take, pretty much, on each song.”

Having recently gotten off the road opening for Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard‘s giant Stadium Tour, frontman Derek Day found himself channeling the energy from his live performances into his vocals for the acoustic recordings.

“Because of just coming off of tour, I was just doing all the stuff I did live usually, just to keep it interesting for myself, I think,” Day says, adding that the unplugged environment creates a “new atmosphere” for him to explore, vocally.

“I just kinda dance around the rhythm guitar, even,” Day shares. “I get to hear it differently.”

“All That We Are” in particular presented a unique vocal challenge for the acoustic version in recreating the Queen-esque three-part harmony from the original, electric recording.

“Even in the record there’s a little keyboard in there,” Day explains “So it was really cool to be just, like, ‘No, nothing, just three vocals!'”

Classless Act is currently touring the U.S., including headlining dates and shows with Giovannie & the Hired Guns.

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