Pop Evil returns to “taking on the world…one city at a time” with headlining tour

David A. Smith/Getty Images

Pop Evil has never been more ready to return to the road.

Like every other band, the Michigan rockers have been sidelined from touring the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That changes Wednesday when they launch a headlining outing in support of their new album, Versatile.

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Leigh Kakaty shares that the past year has made him realize how he’d taken live concerts “for granted.”

“To have it be taken away from all of us and not be able to play a show for a whole year, it was terrifying, man,” he says.

Kakaty explains that he’s especially missed the “human element” of playing live. “I think it’s about appreciating those things that matter the most,” he says. “It’s the fans, it’s the people.”

Now that they’re headed back out, it’ll be awhile before Pop Evil will return home — the headlining dates stretch all the way to the end of September, followed by a set at the Aftershock festival in October.

“Just hearing the roar of that crowd, getting the love from them, your fans, having them sing the songs, being excited,” Kakaty says. “The hustle and bustle with your road dogs, your band members, your team.”

He adds, “Just taking on the world, man, one city at a time.”

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