Please stop yelling “Wake up!” at Serj Tankian

ABC Audio

If you ever come across Serj Tankian in public, maybe don’t yell “Wake up!” at him.

In an interview with Revolver, the System of a Down frontman shares that fans will often shout the “Chop Suey!” lyric if they see him out and about.

“People will scare the s*** out of me when they yell ‘Wake up!’ behind me somewhere — wherever, in public,” Tankian laughs. “I’m like, ‘F*** dude! Really? Wow … I’m glad you’re excited but don’t do that.'”

In addition to trying to avoid screams of “Wake up,” Tankian is gearing up to release a new EP called Perplex Cities. The five-track collection arrives October 21, though Tankian has been previewing songs from the EP via the augmented reality app Arloopa.

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