Pierce the Veil announces new album, ‘The Jaws of Life’

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Pierce the Veil has announced their first new album in six years.

The Jaws of Life, their follow-up to 2016’s Misadventures, is due out February 10. The band also released a new song off the album, “Emergency Contact.”

“There’s so much desperation underlying the lyrics of this song,” frontman Vic Fuentes says in a statement shared with Kerrang. “It talks about a relationship where one person is ready to take things to the next level while the other is still unsure. One person is begging the other to either move forward or to let them out because being stuck in the middle is torture.”

Fuentes says he wrote the song in Seattle, a special place for him. “I love writing in Seattle because it gives me all of the ’90s grunge rock vibes,” he says. “Plus, it rains all the time, and I love the rain.”

As for the new album, he says it brought the band closer than they’ve ever been.

The Jaws Of Life is about how life can sink its teeth into you and try to devour you,” he says, according to Kerrang. “The negativity in the world and within your mind can be a vicious thing. We’re extremely grateful for this record, our fans, and the opportunity to play live music again.”

Here is the track list:

“Death of an Executioner”
“Pass the Nirvana”
“Even When I’m Not With You”
“Emergency Contact”
“Flawless Execution”
“The Jaws of Life”
“Damn the Man, Save the Empire”
“Irrational Fears” (Interlude)
“Shared Trauma”
“So Far So Fake”

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