Parkway Drive declares band is “here to stay” after tour cancellation

Katja Ogrin/Redferns

Have no fear, Parkway Drive fans: the band is “here to stay.”

Last month, the Australian metalcore outfit announced that they were canceling their planned spring North American tour, writing that they’d hit a “limit” after a “relentless” 20 years as a band and that they wanted to take some time away from the road to process “what these 20 years have done to us.”

“With this, we aim to grow and return stronger for what is yet to come,” Parkway declared.

Now, Parkway has issued a follow-up statement reiterating that the break does not mean the end of the band.

“Mental health is an ever present issue within our society and we are no exception,” the statement reads. “As touring started back up, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Continue down the same path, risk more damage and more than likely destroy the band and ourselves, or take the time needed to do the work on ourselves and heal.”

“We are doing the work and know that ultimately, this was the correct choice,” the group continues. “Thank you again for your understanding. At the end of the day, we are all just humans doing the best we can. Be kind, and please speak to someone if you need help.”

The post concludes, “For the record, we are here to stay.”

Parkway Drive plans to return to touring in September for a run through Europe.

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