Ozzy Osbourne would “stay in America” if he “had [his] way”: “I don’t want to go back”

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Ozzy Osbourne apparently isn’t completely on board with moving back to England.

The metal legend, who’s long lived in Los Angeles, is gearing up to return to his home country with his wife, Sharon Osbourne. However, in an interview with Consequence, the Prince of Darkness shares that if he “had [his] way,” he’d “stay in America.”

In speaking about their decision to move, Ozzy brings up Sharon’s 2021 departure from the U.S. talk show The Talk, which happened after she asked former co-host Sheryl Underwood to explain how Piers Morgan‘s comments about Meghan Markle‘s then-recent interview with Oprah Winfrey were racist.

“When my wife got called a racist on, she is absolutely not a racist,” Ozzy says. “Her friend is Piers Morgan. She didn’t say, ‘I agree with him.’ She just respected his ability to have freedom of speech. That’s all that she said. And she got a lot of flak from that, so we actually had to have f***ing armed guards and all that.”

“It hasn’t gone sideways, it’s gone down,” Sharon adds of LA. “It’s not a fun place to live. It’s dangerous here. Every big city’s got crime, but I don’t feel safe here. Neither does Ozzy.”

Even so, Ozzy says, “To be honest with you, I don’t want to go back [to England]. F*** that.”

Speaking previously with The Observer about the move, Ozzy said he was “fed up with people getting killed every day,” adding that he doesn’t “want to die in America.”

“I’m English. I want to be back,” he said. “But saying that, if my wife said we’ve got to go and live in Timbuktu, I’ll go.”

The Osbournes’ return to England will be documented in the upcoming series Home to Roost.

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