Nu metal revivalists Tetrarch bring the creepy in the music; hope to connect with the lyrics

Credit: Guillermo Briceño

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if Chester Bennington was the lead singer in Korn, then Tetrarch is the band for you.

The rising rockers recall the halcyon days of nu metal with their new album Unstable, due out Friday. However, as guitarist Diamond Rowe tells ABC Audio, Tetrarch’s sound is mostly a “happy accident.”

“We just always have played the music that we wanted to play when we wanted to play it, and we let ourselves evolve naturally,” Rowe says. “

“When we started as high-schoolers, we were literally a thrash band,” she laughs. “We sounded like 1982 Metallica.”

But as the band members continued to play together and focus on the idea of what they wanted Tetrarch to be, they started exploring new ideas and influences, including Rowe’s “creepy” guitar textures, which immediately bring to mind the work of Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch.

“We started trying to bring in some different influences, just try some new stuff, and we kinda just ended up landing on that sound,” Rowe explains. “When we got there and we realized how much people connected with it, it felt really authentic to us.”

Tetrarch doesn’t just recall nu metal sonically, though — it’s also there in the band’s openhearted, occasionally self-loathing lyrics. The single “I’m Not Right,” for example, begins with the line, “Looking in the mirror and I hate myself” — which Rowe says was almost cut from the song before they decided to keep it.

“This is something that everyone can feel,” Rowe says. “I know we’ve all felt it — for different reasons, but we’ve all felt it.”

“It actually really ended up just connecting with so many more people than we even anticipated,” she adds. “A lot of people were, like, ‘I’ve been feeling this exact thing.'”

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