New kids on the rock: Mammoth WVH & Dirty Honey hope to bring the right stuff on Young Guns tour

Scott Legato/Getty Images; Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

This weekend, Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey will finally launch their co-headlining Young Guns tour, bringing two of the biggest rising stars in rock to one stage.

The outing, which was originally scheduled to kick off in January before being delayed a month due to the Omicron surge, will showcase what Dirty Honey vocalist Marc LaBelle feels is the “next generation of this thing called rock n’ roll.”

“We thought it’d be cool to team up and present that next generation on a bill,” LaBelle tells ABC Audio.

After Mammoth and Dirty Honey played a few shows together last year, they knew that a joint tour was the next step.

“I think it became pretty apparent that this was an unavoidable meeting of the [minds], you know, really two exciting bands,” LaBelle says.

“The new kids,” Mammoth frontman Wolfgang Van Halen adds.

“Yeah, the new kids on the block,” LaBelle replies. “Not the New Kids on the Block.”

LaBelle’s accidental reference to the hit-making boy band leads Van Halen to joke that Mammoth’s set will include a cover of “You Got It (The Right Stuff).” And while we hope that’s one of those jokes that eventually turns into reality, Wolf is leaving the door open for some surprises, such as an onstage collaboration.

“I think that’s definitely an organic thing that’ll probably happen throughout the [tour],” Wolf says. “That always kinda happens eventually, doesn’t it?”

“We gotta see if we still like each other after the first three shows,” LaBelle laughs.

The Young Guns tour begins February 20 in Denver.

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