Mastodon plans to lean on “proggy” side during ’Hushed and Grim’ tour

Credit: Clay Patrick McBride

On Mastodon‘s upcoming tour, the long-running metal outfit will face the eternal dilemma facing all bands of a certain age: you want to play the new stuff, but the fans want to hear the old stuff.

The “Blood and Thunder” shredders will be supporting their newly released eighth album, Hushed and Grim, on the tour, which kicks off Tuesday in Asheville, North Carolina. As drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor tells ABC Audio, he and his band mates are hoping to give the fresh material some significant stage time.

“We’ll see what the fans think [of the album],'” Dailor says. “Are they, like, ‘We want to hear this whole thing!’ or, ‘Bah, that’s garbage, we don’t wanna hear any of it!'”

“We usually don’t really let that govern [our choices] because we’ve had some mixed reviews on some albums and we’ve gone out and played them,” he shares. “But we also don’t want to disappoint people, and we want them to want to come see us play.”

As for the rest of the set list, Dailor feels the band can “lean more on the proggy stuff,” given that the tour is a co-headlining run with Opeth.

“We can play ‘Capillarian Crest’…we’ll play ‘Megalodon’ and we’ll play stuff like that,” Dailor says. “I think ‘The Czar’ from Crack the Skye will work really well with some of this newer stuff.”

With a new Mastodon album, of course, comes a new Mastodon album cover, which they plan to reflect with lasers, smoke, and “some crazy visuals on big old video wall.”

“I don’t want to divulge too much, it should be a surprise for the fans and stuff,” Dailor says. “It’s a visual representation of the material.”

He adds, “Hopefully it’ll be well-received and good things for people’s eyeballs and ear-balls.”

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