Mastodon issues apology following Brent Hinds’ use of homophobic language

Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

Mastodon has issued an apology after guitarist Brent Hinds used homophobic language during a recent interview.

In a now-deleted episode of Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s podcast, Hinds used the word “gay” as an insult while describing how much he didn’t like playing with Disturbed during the 2008 Mayhem touring festival.

Following the episode’s premiere, a fan commented on an Instagram photo of drummer Brann Dailor dressed as Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford for Halloween, writing that they were “super pissed at the casual disregard and privilege it takes to still use g^y as a negative word in 2021 and normalize that kind of association.”

In a comment seemingly written by Dailor, Mastodon replied, “This really bums me out. I’m very sorry we hurt your feelings or anyone else’s, that is never our intention.”

“We want our LGBTQ fans to feel safe listening to our music and coming to see us live,” the reply reads. “We also have no ill will towards Disturbed, they were always super cool to us on the Mayhem tour.”

Mastodon’s comment then posits that the “interviewer might have caught Brent on a bad day.”

“Sorry for upsetting you or anyone else,” it reads. “We appreciate you and all of our fans very much.”

Mastodon just released a new album, Hushed and Grim, in October.


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