Mammoth WVH, Beartooth & Stone Sour’s Josh Rand release new music


New tunes from Mammoth WVH, Beartooth and Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand dropped Friday to help your weekend get off to a rocking start.

Wolfgang Van Halen‘s solo band has released “Feel,” another track off the forthcoming debut Mammoth WVH album. The self-titled effort, which is due out June 11, also features the single “Distance,” Wolfgang’s tribute to his late father, the iconic Eddie Van Halen.

Beartooth has unleashed “Hell of It,” a cut from the band’s upcoming record, Below, due out June 25. Frontman Caleb Shomo says “Hell of It,” which follows the previously released singles “Devastation” and “The Past Is Dead,” is one of his “favorites” off Below.

“It’s meant to try and melt as much face as possible,” Shomo says. “This song was really important for discovering the guitar tone for the album and the use of pedals to expand on parts. The breakdown in this might be my favorite of all.”

Rand has released his debut single with his new band The L.I.F.E. Project, a collaboration with Casandra Carson of the band Paralandra. The track is called “The Nothingness.”

Stone Sour’s most recent album is 2017’s Hydrograd. The band’s been on hiatus since at least 2019.

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