Lunching Dani Filth & Ed Sheeran celebrate “having just done something fun”

M Edsheeran 122222
ABC/Paula Lobo

Could the Cradle of Filth/Ed Sheeran collaboration finally be coming?

In a tweet Thursday, the extreme metal outfit shared a photo of frontman Dani Filth sharing a meal with the “Shape of You” singer with the caption, “A little over a week ago I was having lunch with the unlikely lads, having just done something fun,” as well as some devil horns emojis.

Here’s hoping that the “something fun” was finishing up the song Filth had been working on with Sheeran, which came about after the pop star was quoted back in 2021 as saying he was a fan of bands including Cradle and Slipknot, adding that he “would not be opposed” to recording a metal album of his own.

After Filth expressed some skepticism — “I’ll believe when I see it,” he said at the time — he and Sheeran actually linked up and discussed working together.

The last update on the unlikely collaboration came in August, when Filth told Knotfest.com that Sheeran had “done some” of their joint track.

“[Sheeran] is going to finish it, he assures me,” Filth said. “Actually, I spoke to him quite recently. Yeah, so that’s happening.”

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