Licensed to rock: All Good Things forges a new path & takes on “crazy times” with ‘A Hope in Hell’ album

Credit: Travis Shinn

If there’s a modern-day version of The Monkees, it might be All Good Things.

The Los Angeles rockers, who broke out this year with their hit single “For the Glory,” featuring Hollywood Undead‘s Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene, originally formed with the sole intention of writing music to license for movies and ad syncs.

“It was just never really meant to leave the studio,” frontman Dan Murphy tells ABC Audio. “We just had fun bashing out some rock tunes, some cinematic, bombastic, epic-sounding rock songs.”

Even when they posted their music online, it didn’t occur to the band members that anyone was really listening.

“Honestly it took us a couple years to even check out the Spotify plays and look at the YouTube numbers and realize there was millions of people listening to this stuff,” Murphy says.

“We got an overwhelming amount of messages…on YouTube and Instagram of people asking, ‘Where are you from?’ and ‘Who are you guys?’ and ‘When are you coming on tour?'” he recalls. “It kind of [got to the] point where [we thought]…’Well, s***, you guys wanna take some photos and book a show and actually do this thing?'”

So, just as The Monkees transcended their TV origins, All Good Things became a real, honest-to-goodness band themselves. They’re currently on tour with P.O.D., and their new album, A Hope in Hell, is out today.

“I think this new record is a collection of songs to really help people through some s***ty times, man,” Murphy says. “We got so many messages about how we’ve helped people through crazy times, and I feel like everyone’s going through crazy times, so there couldn’t be a better time to release this new record.”

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