"Last Resort (Reloaded)": How a grocery clerk and TikTok led to new version of the nu metal classic

Credit: Stefanie Moser

We have a new version of Papa Roach‘s “Last Resort,” and, like with many things in the year 2021, TikTok is to thank.

The updated track, dubbed “Last Resort (Reloaded),” was recorded with TikTok star Jeris Johnson, who originally caught the attention of Papa Roach when he posted his own remix of the 2000 nu metal classic. After initially just being flattered by Johnson’s take on “Last Resort,” Jacoby Shaddix and company soon realized that a full collaboration was in order.

“I remember I was at the grocery store, and I was checking out, and the clerk was, like, ‘Hey, did you hear that thing that that dude Jeris Johnson did with ‘Last Resort?”” Shaddix tells ABC Audio. “I was, like, ‘Actually, yeah I have.’ He’s all, ‘That s***’s bada**!'”

“I was, like, ‘This s***’s for real, people are really digging it,'” he adds.

“Last Resort (Reloaded)” features new lyrics written and sung by Johnson, who wanted to combine the original version’s message about mental health with his own personality.

“I wanted to just blend the original vibe and channel some things that I went through in my childhood,” Johnson explains. “And then come out on the other end of them with some fun, confident lyrics about how f***ing awesome life is and how cool this moment is, and just, like, some positivity on the other end of it.”

Shaddix feels that Johnson’s new lyrics, along with the modern production techniques, gives “Last Resort” a renewed energy.

“When we heard what Jeris had done, we were just, like, ‘Oh, f*** yeah,'” Shaddix recalls. “Twenty years later, we’re about to have another f***ing hit.”

“It really feels like that, man,” he adds. “It’s a banger. “

By Josh Johnson
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