Kid Rock filmed hurling homophobic slur at audience during concert

Joey Foley/WireImage

Kid Rock has found himself in hot water after he was filmed at a recent concert calling the audience a homophobic slur.

Posted by TMZ, the video depicts the 50-year-old rocker at his Saturday show at the FishLipz Bar & Grill in Smithville, Tennessee.  For some reason, he took exception to the crowd using their phones to film his performance.

Kid Rock, born Robert James Ritchie, directs his middle finger at one of the patrons filming his show and growls, “F*** your iPhone, yeah!”  His remark draws cheers and applause from the audience as he encourages the audience to “Post this d***” right now” while gesturing to the area between his legs.

The video abruptly cuts off after Kid Rock calls the audience a homophobic slur “with your iPhones out.” 

TMZ reports that the venue’s security was telling individual members of the audience to stop filming the concert, which may have led to the “Cowboy” singer’s outburst. 

Kid Rock has not apologized and has yet to address the video.

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