Has Flyleaf reunited with Lacey Sturm?

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Jason Squires/Getty Images

Is Lacey Sturm back in Flyleaf?

The “I’m So Sick” rockers have seemingly confirmed their original lead singer’s return in a tweet Monday, which is accompanied by an image of a flame surrounded by the words “Flyleaf with Lacey Sturm.” The tweet itself reads, “Arise and be all that you dream,” which is a lyric from Flyleaf’s 2009 song “Arise.”

Sturm sang on Flyleaf’s first three albums: 2005’s self-titled debut, 2009’s Memento Mori and 2012’s New Horizons. Just days before New Horizons was set to be released, Sturm announced her departure from Flyleaf and was replaced by vocalist Kristen May.

Flyleaf released one album with May, 2014’s Between the Stars, before she, herself, left the band in 2016. The group’s been on hiatus ever since.

Sturm, meanwhile, has pursued a solo career, dropping her debut album, Life Screams, in 2016.

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