Five Finger Death Punch premieres new video for 2011 song “The Tragic Truth”

Credit: F3 Studios/Stephen Jensen

Five Finger Death Punch has premiered a new video for “The Tragic Truth,” originally a bonus track on the band’s 2011 album, American Capitalist.

The clip, which is streaming now on YouTube, shows frontman Ivan Moody surrounded by demonic creatures — a personification of his struggles with alcoholism and addiction. It’s being released now to celebrate Moody’s 42nd birthday today, and to mark Moody’s upcoming four-year sober anniversary.

“It’s been a conversation for years to somehow circle back to this song, and we felt right now, on Ivan’s birthday, and two months from his 4th sober anniversary it is probably as good of an occasion as it can be to release this music video,” Death Punch writes in an Instagram post.

The video ends with the demons that ruled Moody’s life now under his control — a symbol of his recovery journey.

“It is a visual journal of our story,” FFDP says. “The battle with addiction…the pain…the chaos… life and even death. A celebration of a victory, Ivan’s rebirth into a new life.”

Five Finger Death Punch’s most recent album is 2020’s F8. A new record is expected to drop later this year.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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