Ex-Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff denies death report amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Sebastian Reuter/Redferns

Former Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff has shared a statement affirming that he’s still alive after his Wikipedia page was apparently updated to say that he was killed amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of his home country of Ukraine.

In an Instagram Story early Monday morning, Stoff wrote, “I’m still in a safe place and I’m fine today.”

“Whoever faked my Wikipedia deserve what they deserve,” he added. “Let’s pray together that this war ends soon. Love ya guys.”

Stoff has been posting on Instagram amid the war, including a statement on February 24, the day the invasion began.

“This is just too much to take at this moment and I’m hoping that soon Ukraine will see the end of this madness,” he wrote. “We want peace. Russia must turn all the forces back and leave our country immediately. Share this with everyone you know. The world is not a safe place as it stands of today.”

Stoff joined Asking Alexandria in 2015 following the departure of original vocalist Danny Worsnop earlier that year, and sang on the band’s 2016 album, The Black. Later that year, it was announced that Stoff had parted ways with Asking Alexandria and that Worsnop was back in the band.

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