Dorothy raises “middle finger to my demons” with “Rest in Peace”

ABC Audio

Dorothy‘s “Rest in Peace” has been doing everything but resting.

The single gave Dorothy Martin and company their highest-ranking hit on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart, peaking at #2 over the summer. Dorothy has continued to rock the song live over the past couple months while playing headline shows and touring with Dirty Honey.

“It’s been awesome,” Martin tells ABC Audio of playing “Rest in Peace.” “That is definitely one of our heavier songs.”

“Rest in Peace” was originally written by songwriter Scott Stevens, who’s worked with bands including Halestorm and Shinedown. In presenting the song to her, Martin felt that Stevens “took the words out of my mouth.”

“I was able to embody it and give the vocal performance from my heart,” Martin says.

On “Rest in Peace,” Dorothy isn’t exactly in mourning. Instead, Martin seems to be saying “rest in peace” to a toxic relationship.

“It can sound like a breakup song,” Martin shares. “But the way I interpreted it, as being someone in recovery, was kinda like a middle finger to my demons. So it is a kiss-off song to that.”

“But it’s whatever the fans want it to be,” she adds. “It could be a breakup song. It’s open for interpretation, which is the cool thing about music.”

“Rest in Peace” appears on the new Dorothy album, Gifts from the Holy Ghost, which is out now. The record also includes the follow-up single “Black Sheep.”

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