Dirty Honey plans to “be amazing every night” opening for The Black Crowes’ reunion tour

Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

Dirty Honey will shake their money makers for a whole new audience when they open for The Black Crowes‘ much-anticipated Shake Your Money Maker anniversary tour, which kicks off tonight in Nashville. For Dirty Honey frontman Marc LaBelle, being a part of the outing is a “dream come true.”

“We’re not only on tour with a band that I absolutely adore and have for most of my life, we’re going to some of the most iconic venues and performing in them all over the country,” LaBelle tells ABC Audio.

The tour, which was rescheduled from 2020, will mark The Crowes’ first full live outing since formerly estranged brothers Chris and Rich Robinson reunited. LaBelle has been especially excited for the trek to finally arrive, since he’d been sworn to Marvel-level secrecy about the reunion before it was announced back in 2019.

“We would be in the tour van, and our manager would be on calls about The Black Crowes reunion a year before anything is happening,” LaBelle recalls. “We’re kinda like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy!'”

LaBelle also feels that the tour will put Dirty Honey’s music on a whole new “magnitude.”

“We did a couple gigs with Guns N’ Roses and some stuff with The Who, but we’ve never played for this many people this many days in a row,” LaBelle says. “So I think, for me, especially, there’s just gonna be a tremendous focus on being amazing every night. Or, at least, trying to be amazing every night.”

As for a possible onstage collaboration with The Crowes, LaBelle says, “I think the jury’s out on as to whether or not they’re actually gonna like us enough.”

He adds, laughing, “It’s a miracle they even agreed to have us out on the road with them.”

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