Devin Townsend: “Phenomenally intelligent” Chad Kroeger is “so much more of a metalhead than I am”

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Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

Devin Townsend continues to be in Chad Kroeger‘s corner.

In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, the prolific Canadian metaller deems the often-maligned Nickelback frontman as “brilliant.”

“Chad is a phenomenally intelligent human being,” Townsend says.

Kroeger and Townsend previously collaborated on the latter’s 2019 album, Empath, after which Townsend declared that Kroeger is a “functioning genius.”

“With Chad, I remember being at his house a couple times, and just being, ‘Wow, this is so intense, man,'” Townsend says. “He had a stage set up, and it’s metal all night. And I’m thinking, like, ‘Man, you are so much more of a metalhead than I am.’ But I do care for him. And I think he’s brilliant.”

Nickelback, meanwhile, released a new album called Get Rollin in November. In March, they’ll be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

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