Check out Bring Me the Horizon’s new track with Masked Wolf, “Fallout”

Elektra Records

“Fallout,” the collaborative track featuring Bring Me the Horizon and “Astronaut in the Ocean” rapper Masked Wolf, is out now.

The track is described as being “heavily influenced” by HVDES [Hades] — who’s been described as “the dark queen of underground electro music” — and features her vocals and production.

The massive chorus goes, “Biting off the hand that feeds me/stare into the void, I’m screaming/Can’t find myself in the debris/this is the fallout/There’s a darkness in me that will never let me go.”

Masked Wolf says of the track, “I haven’t done a collaboration that felt dark; I always felt that my brand had that edge of darkness to it, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to come along. When I heard ‘Fallout,’ it grabbed me straight away. The way I felt like I was meant to be in the rubble but could still be brought out, that’s the feeling it gave me.”

Bring Me the Horizon recently collaborated with both Machine Gun Kelly and Ed Sheeran.


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