Bring new fans to Evanescence with this non-“Bring Me to Life” song, says Amy Lee

Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

If you’re introducing Evanescence to someone who’s never heard the band before, your first instinct is probably to start blasting “Bring Me to Life.” But frontwoman Amy Lee thinks there’s a different song that’s better for newcomers.

Speaking to Revolver, Lee picks the song “Broken Pieces Shine” — a track off Evanescence’s 2021 comeback album The Bitter Truth — as the best starting point for new listeners

“It wouldn’t be from the first album,” Lee shares. “I feel like we got better after that. I know it seems weird to pick something off our new album, but I think I would.”

In choosing “Broken Pieces Shine” specifically, Lee explains that the song “encapsulates something thematically and lyrically that is very us.”

“There’s something about being the different ones, about being the broken ones, about being the people who have been through something,” Lee says. “Those are our people.”

“I’m going to wear my scars proudly and I’m going to wear my tears as a badge of honor,” she continues. “I don’t want to forget the pain, I want to use the pain. I think there’s a lot of all that in that song where, for me, it’s like, this is what Evanescence is.”

Lee notes that “Broken Pieces Shine” is also “a great song musically, as well.”

“The way that it kicks in, I put a lot of thought into that intro,” she says. “Like, this is gonna be us coming back with our first music that’s the rock stuff, first all-original album since 2011 — we need to come back with who we are.”

Evanescence will be touring the U.S. in support of The Bitter Truth alongside Korn beginning August 16 in Denver.

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