Black Veil Brides to continue the “kinship” of rock & horror on Trinity of Terror tour: “This is our lifeblood”

Katja Ogrin/Redferns

Hard rock and horror movies have a long history together, and that will continue this spring with the Trinity of Terror tour, featuring Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White and Ice Nine Kills. As for what continues to bring those two art forms together, BVB frontman Andy Biersack thinks they both share an “outsider nature.”

“You go to these horror conventions…the fandom and appreciation for those things is completely without regard for the cultural acceptance or the mainstream acceptance of these types of films,” Biersack tells ABC Audio.

“You’ve got horror movies that are B movies that were put on VHS that were never shown in theaters that are somebody’s favorite movie,” he adds. “They care passionately about it and they’ll spend a grand on flights to get across the country to go meet this person who was in this movie, and they don’t give a s*** whether the Oscars ever honor these films.”

Biersack finds that a similar vibe exists in the rock community, specifically with “theatrical” bands like BVB or KISS.

“You look at a band like KISS, who influenced us significantly, the average person puts their nose up at KISS and laughs at them,” Biersack says. They don’t see them on the same scale that they see Led Zeppelin or these other kind of legacy bands.”

“I think that there is something with theatrical rock in particular and horror that…there is a kinship there and a similarity of, ‘We love this s***, it doesn’t matter if the mainstream loves it or not, this is our lifeblood,'” he adds. “Being someone who has a foot in both worlds I’ve always been appreciative of being able to be in that community.”

The Trinity of Terror tour launches March 17 in Mesa, Arizona.

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