Asking Alexandria brings back the aughts with Linkin Park-influenced single, “Never Gonna Learn”

Mark Horton/Getty Images

The When We Were Young festival isn’t the only thing bring back the 2000s lately.

If you’ve heard Asking Alexandria‘s song “Never Gonna Learn,” the current single off their new album, See What’s on the Inside, you might be reminded of the big, heavy rock choruses of the 2000s alternative metal scene. As guitarist Ben Bruce tells ABC Audio, that was very much intentional.

“I would say my biggest musical journey was during the early 2000s,” Bruce says. “So there was a lot of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit and System of a Down.”

“If you listen back to a lot of those bands, the choruses were so unique to that era,” he adds. “They were so big and so open, especially Linkin Park.”

In recording See What’s on the Inside, Bruce and his band mates often revisited that formative time in their lives.

“That was just our inner child coming out again…we’d been reminiscing a lot in the studio,” he says. “I think that the notes and the chord progression that we chose for ‘Never Gonna Learn,’ to me, it’s sort of reminiscent of an early Linkin Park chorus.”

That aughts love also extends to the See What’s on the Inside cover artwork. With its faux sticker promoting lead single “Alone Again,” the album definitely looks like something someone might discover while browsing an FYE in 2002.

“I wanted [fans]…if they are my age or older, for [the artwork] to be reminiscent and shoot them back into the past,” Bruce says. “Then for anyone that’s younger than me and maybe didn’t grow up experiencing records and albums, I wanted them to get that feeling that we grew up enjoying so much, and that bled through into the artwork.”

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