A little bit country, a little bit heavy metal: Brantley Gilbert talks joint tour with Five Finger Death Punch

David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns

Perhaps the most unexpected bill of the year is Five Finger Death Punch touring with country star Brantley Gilbert. Even the artists themselves aren’t sure what to expect from the joint outing, which launches Wednesday in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Speaking during a recent roundtable, Gilbert mused over whether the crowds will “see a massive crossover” between his fans and Death Punch fans.

“I know it would seem like it would be just drastically different demographics showing up, and it’ll be this massive melting pot,” Gilbert said. “I think there will be some of that, but I don’t know if it’ll be as overwhelming as we originally anticipated.”

“I think there will be some overlap there,” he adds. “I’m interested to see how these shows turn out, I really am.”

Gilbert and Death Punch previously worked together on a collaborative cover of Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band‘s “Blue on Black,” which also featured Shepherd and Queen‘s Brian May. As for whether he’d like to reunite with Ivan Moody and company in the studio, Gilbert is down “for sure.”

“I don’t close any of those doors, especially with those guys,” he said.

Gilbert also shared that FFDP was “a lot of fun” and “easy to work with,” and that Moody is “a good dude, especially since he sobered up.”

“He’s just a super sweet guy,” Gilbert said of Moody. “You look at him onstage, it’s, like, ‘Man, that dude is probably a basket case’ — and, we’re all weird in our own right — but, man, he’s honestly one of the sweetest dudes I know.”

Meanwhile, you’ll get to hear “Blue on Black” live during the tour.

“[Ivan’s] coming out during our set to do ‘Blue on Black,’ is the plan,” Gilbert said.

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