A Day to Remember frontman breaks down 50/50 split between fans who "love" & "despise" new album

Credit: JImmy Fontaine

A Day to Remember released their new album You’re Welcome earlier this month, and as frontman Jeremy McKinnon tells ABC Audio, the fan reaction to the record has been “right on par with pretty much everything we’ve ever released.”

“It seems like 50 percent of our fan base absolutely love it, and the the other 50 percent despise it,” he laughs.

McKinnon adds that he and his band mates have become “accustomed” to that cycle, being that they often employ “so many different genres all on one record.”

“Someone’s always disappointed that what they like out of us isn’t represented more,” he explains. “So every album we’ve ever put out has always gotten that reaction for the first week or so, and then time tells how it’s actually accepted.”

McKinnon can point to a variety of streaming statistics that point to the long-term success of You’re Welcome, but what he’s noticed fans really gravitating toward is the record’s more positive and openhearted tone, which is a shift for a band whose last album was literally titled Bad Vibrations.

“It’s allowing more people to bring an A Day to Remember song or two into different moments of their life, where it’s a car ride with their loved ones,” McKinnon says. “Or they can play it around their family members and it’s not this extreme thing, which is really awesome.”

“We’ve lived in this other world this entire time for specific moments,” he continues. “So to have a song or two you could take into different places is really exciting for me, ’cause we don’t have that right now.”

You’re Welcome is out now. It features the singles “Degenerates” and “Everything We Need.”

By Josh Johnson
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