A Day to Remember drives “buck 20 down I-75” to first number-one radio single, “Everything We Need”

Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

A Day to Remember‘s “Everything We Need” is turning into a song to remember.

The single is the Florida band’s first-ever number-one radio single, hitting the top spot on the Mediabase Active Rock chart. That “Everything We Need” is the song that earned Jeremy McKinnon and company that accomplishment is something of a full circle moment.

On “Everything We Need,” McKinnon sings about driving to clear his head, with lyrics including “I’m doin’ buck 20 on I-75” and “I just need some four-wheel isolation.” Longtime fans may remember similar language on the 2007 ADtR song “Monument,” which begins, “It’s Monday morning/And I would kill for a chance to drive.”

“I never thought of that,” McKinnon tells ABC Audio about a possible connection between those two songs. “That’s so cool, ’cause it’s two totally different times in my life.”

“Monument,” McKinnon explains, is a song about being “the kid who had something to prove, that didn’t know if it was gonna work out for him.”

“I’m just, like, ‘I need to talk to somebody, I need to talk to a family member. I need to do something that makes me feel like myself, and I feel like I’m confident to keep going,'” McKinnon says. “And then ‘Everything We Need’ is that reflection on, ‘I did it.’ I did what I set out to accomplish.”

“It’s about that same thing,” he adds. “But just different perspectives and different sides of life, honestly.”

“Everything We Need” is the current single A Day to Remember’s new album, You’re Welcome, which dropped in March.

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