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Teen charged with breaking in to Michael Jordan’s Highland Park home: report – LINK

BattleHawks complete another comeback to beat Vipers 21-17 in first overtime game in XFL history – LINK

Sounders take down St. Louis City SC to take over first place in Western Conference – LINK

Adames leads Brewers to 6-1 victory over Cardinals – LINK

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Is a “Work Wife” Appropriate? Millennials Say No, Boomers Say Yes – LINK

Five Steps in the Texting Phase to Weed Out Creeps Before a Date – LINK

Nearly 40% of adults have lied to partner about finances, survey finds – LINK

Women Are More Likely to Wish They Could Spend a Day Doing Nothing, But Men Get Those Days More Often – LINK


It looks like the “break” may be over. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were spotted on and enjoyed a romantic getaway together at the Four Seasons Hualalai. The couple was spotted holding hands during their Hawaiian vacation, according to photos obtained by the Daily Mail.   A source close to the couple shared that they’re back on.  “They’re officially back on after going through a rocky patch in their relationship. The last few months has been tough for them both, but they went away together to do some healing, and it’s been working. They feel more connected than ever.”

Metallica is taking over ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ this week with a four-night residency that starts tonight. The band will not only perform, they’ll also hang with Kimmel for interviews and of course, promote their new album, ’72 Seasons’, which drops on Friday, April 14th.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie smashed all box office expectations. Since opening on Wednesday, the film has raked in $204 million domestically. Mario pulled in $146 million for the weekend, making it the highest three-day opening of the year, surpassing Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. The Super Mario Bros. Movie takes over for having the highest-grossing opening weekend of an animated movie with $377 million worldwide. Frozen 2 was the previous record holder.  Also, Jack Black released a music video for “Peaches”, the ballad he sings as Bowser about Princess Peach.  Here’s a sweet taste.

Jason Momoa’s ‘Minecraft’ film finally has a release date…but it’s going to be a minute before it hits theaters. ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ says the film won’t hit theaters until April 4th, 2025. The ‘Minecraft’ movie is being directed by ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and ‘Nacho Libre’ director Jared Hess.

Only hours after he filed a lawsuit alleging Motley Crue was trying to “unilaterally” remove him from the band, guitarist Mick Mars told ‘Variety’ “I’ve carried those bast*rds for years”. Mars said “I don’t know if I should really say this but…Those guys have been hammering on me since ’87, trying to replace me. They haven’t been able to do that, because I’m the guitar player. I helped form this band. It’s my name I came up with, my ideas, my money that I had from a backer to start this band.” When it comes to Mars’ poor health leaving him incapable of being in the band, he said “I call bull*** on that. I know the songs. Prior to this particular stadium tour, when we rehearsed, the first thing that happened when I walked in was, Nikki Sixx was like, ‘Hey, Mick, how did that part go? I can’t remember it.’ So that’s how our rehearsals went. I rehearsed all of these songs for three months, every day, solid, twice a day.” Call the summer stadium tour “the worst 36 gigs ever”, Mars ended his interview with “I’m a part of this company that made this name. I’m not gonna let anybody take it from me — anybody.” Motley Crue have issued a statement on guitarist Mick Mars’ lawsuit. The band’s statement included “Mick’s lawsuit is unfortunate and completely off-base… Despite the fact that the band did not owe Mick anything — and with Mick owing the band millions in advances that he did not pay back — the band offered Mick a generous compensation package to honor his career with the band. Manipulated by his manager and lawyer, Mick refused and chose to file this ugly public lawsuit.” They counter Mars’ claims that the band relies on backing tracks when playing live with “Equally unfortunate are his claims about the band’s live performances. Mötley Crüe always performs its songs live but during the last tour Mick struggled to remember chords, played the wrong songs and made constant mistakes which led to his departure from the band. There are multiple declarations from the band’s crew attesting to his decline which are attached.” The statement ended with “The band did everything to protect him, tried to keep these matters private to honor Mick’s legacy and take the high road… The band feels empathy for Mick, wishes him well and hopes that he can get better guidance from his advisors who are driven by greed.”

Taylor Swift’s next album is as good as written, because she and Joe Alwyn have broken up after six years together. There’s no official word yet, but a so-called “source” says, quote, “Taylor and Joe broke up a few weeks ago.  They simply grew apart and plan to remain friends.” Looking back, fans think she may have dropped a clue during her March 31st show in Arlington, Texas, when she changed the setlist for her Eras Tour. She replaced the song “Invisible String” . . . which is supposedly a love letter to Joe . . . with “The 1” . . . which is a song about ex-lovers. (CNNBuzzfeed)

A stage musical version of “The Bodyguard” in the U.K. had to be halted when a RIOT broke out . . . because the audience wouldn’t stop singing along. It happened Friday night in Manchester.  The show was stopped several times because audience members decided to participate . . . while others in the crowd were telling them to SHUT UP. But it got unbearable during the showstopper, “I Will Always Love You”, so they cut the star’s microphone and brought up the lights.  That’s when the real chaos erupted. “Variety” says, quote, “Two women were forcibly pulled out of the theater by security, and several police cars arrived to oversee the evacuation of the theater after what patrons on social media described as ‘fights in the aisles’ and even ‘a mini-riot.'” (AV Club)

Russell Crowe’s character DIED in the original “Gladiator” 23 years ago. (Oops, did I forget to say SPOILER ALERT???) So it’s not surprising that Russell has nothing to do with the upcoming sequel.  But it still stings a little.  In fact, he admits that he’s “slightly jealous.” He says, quote, “I was a much younger man, obviously, and it was a huge experience in my life.  It’s something that changed my life, really.  It changed the way people regarded me and what I do for a living.” He added, quote, “You don’t always get that kind of longevity with every film you do, so it obviously holds a special place in my heart.” (Entertainment Weekly)

The Skywalker Saga is NOT over . . . not when there’s more money Disney can milk from it. During a Star Wars Celebration event in London on Friday, Lucasfilm announced that there’s a new movie in the works featuring the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey. There are actually THREE movies being planned, but it sounds like they’re unrelated . . . so we’re not necessarily looking at another trilogy. Daisy’s movie takes place 15 years after her trilogy . . . where she’s working to rebuild the Jedi order. Another will take place during the “New Republic” era of three “Star Wars” TV shows:  “The Mandalorian”“The Book of Boba Fett”, and the upcoming series “Ahsoka”. The third one will be about the origins of the Force, so it’ll take place long before any previous movies or shows.  (Consequence)

Madonna got a little work done on her face, to put it mildly.  And it sounds like it backfired. Ever since she appeared at the Grammys in February, Madonna has faced a ton of online criticism for her new look.  And it’s getting to her. A so-called “source” says, quote, “Despite what people think, the criticism over her drastically different appearance does affect her.  She sees and hears what people say about her and, for [her upcoming] tour, she wants to look more like herself again for her fans.” Supposedly, she’s now undergoing procedures to restore her “natural” look. (New York Post)

Alan Ruck only made $40,000 for playing Cameron in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and after the movie came out, he had to work in a Sears warehouse to make ends meet.  (Here is the famous scene where Cameron is contemplating going to hangout with Ferris.) Starring in the movie “Babe” almost 30 years ago made James Cromwell a vegan and helped inspire his animal activism.  And at 83, he’s still at it. Last week, Cromwell heard the story of a pig that fell off a truck on the way to get fattened for slaughter.  So he and PETA are transferring it to an animal shelter in Pennsylvania . . . where it will NOT be eaten. They even named the pig Babe . . . for obvious reasons. Here’s the best part:  James FACETIMED the pig, and said he looks forward to meeting him in person.  He ended the call with a “That’ll do, pig” . . . just to make this story absolutely perfect. (Check out the video here.)

It’s hard to make a bad movie when every part is perfectly cast.  It does happen, but not often.  Buzzfeed asked its readers to name movies that were perfectly cast.  Here are some of their answers:

  1. “True Grit”,  2010.  This is the remake with Jeff BridgesHailee SteinfeldMatt Damon, and Josh Brolin.
  2. “Popeye”,  1980.  This is one of those rare cases where movie magic did NOT result.  But there wasn’t then, and there isn’t now, a better Popeye and Olive Oyl than Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall.
  3. “The Big Lebowski”,  1998.
  4. “Knives Out” and the sequel, “Glass Onion”,  2019 and 2022.
  5. “Pulp Fiction”,  1994.
  6. “Everything Everywhere All At Once”,  2022.
  7. “Harry Potter”,  2001 to 2011.  So eight movies and DOZENS of characters.  That’s a lot.  Could they ALL have been perfect?  Hard to say, but can you name anyone who sticks out as being miscast?
  8. “Guardians of the Galaxy”,  2014 to 2023.  They went 5 for 5 here.  7 for 7 if you count Yondu and Nebula.
  9. “The Departed”,  2006.
  10. “Superbad”,  2007. (This is a decent list, but it absolutely FAILS by not including “Jaws”, or the 1989 version of “Parenthood” with Steve Martin.  Check out the whole thing here.)


Rey from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Daisy Ridley is 31. 

Country singer Maren Morris is 33 

Cute kid actor from The Sixth Sense and A.I., Haley Joel Osment is 35. 

Mandy Moore is 39. 

Jax from Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam is 43. 

Hopper from Stranger Things, David Harbour is 48. 

Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest is 53. 

Brian Setzer is 64.  The Stray Cats and the Brian Setzer Orchestra. 

Kenneth ”Babyface” Edmonds is 64.  Genius songwriter and producer. 

Steven Seagal is 71.


Ruby Richards

Today’s birthday girl has been in 229 fine films, including:

– Adventures In Smothering

– The Bitch is Back

– The Bound, The Gagged And The Struggle

– The Butt Sisters Do Seattle

– Cries From The Dungeon

– Enema 20

– The Gallery Of Pain

– The Lair of the Bondage Bandits

– Secretary Slaughter

– The Sisters of Stomp

– And who can forget her role in 1998’s Trample Bitches

Ruby Richards is 57 years old.