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2022’s Safest Cities in America – LINK


Amazon’s “Early Prime Access” Sale Starts Tomorrow . . . But a Study Found Discounts Aren’t Always What They Seem – LINK

Roller Coasters Are Triggering the iPhone’s Crash Detector and Calling 911 – LINK

America’s First Gourmet Restaurant for Dogs Just Opened – LINK

The State with the Most Colorful Cars Is West Virginia . . . the State with the Least Is California – LINK

Four Daycare Workers Got Fired for Using a “Scream” Mask to Punish Kids – LINK

King Charles III’s coronation ceremony set for June 3: report – LINK

Guns N’ Roses Riot Chair Sells on eBay – LINK




Blink-182 announce reunion with singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge; release new single and tour dates – LINK

Yesterday I mentioned that the people behind Midnight Mass, Haunting of Hill House, and The Haunting Of Bly Manor has a new Netflix show out called The Midnight Club.  Well… The debut episode was one for the record books.  Literally. It set the Guinness World Record for the most JUMP SCARES in a premiere episode.  There were 21. Which is interesting, because the show’s co-creator Mike Flanagan HATES jump scares. He says, quote, “I thought, ‘We’re going to do all of them at once, and then if we do it right, a jump scare will be rendered meaningless for the rest of the series.’

The beloved life and career of John Candy is getting the documentary treatment.  Ryan Reynolds announced Monday that he and Colin Hanks are working on a nonfiction film about the late comedian’s legacy, after Candy began trending on Twitter ahead of the Planes, Trains and Automobiles 4K re-release. “With John Candy trending, I’ll just say I love him,” Reynolds, 45, wrote on Twitter. “So much so, we are working on a documentary on his life with @colinhanks. Expect tears.” Reynolds has previously expressed his admiration for Candy, sharing a tribute montage he made for the actor on the 25th anniversary of his death in 2019.

“Top Gun: Maverick” may have been your classic “no-holds-barred, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride”, but was it 100% scientifically accurate?  Apparently not. In fact, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says Tom Cruise should have DIED during one particular scene. Quote, “Maverick ejects from a hypersonic plane at Mach 10.5, before it crashed.  He survived with no injuries.  At that air speed, his body would splatter like a chainmail glove swatting a worm.  Just sayin’.” He added, quote, “When Maverick ejected at Mach 10.5, he was going 7,000 miles per hour, giving him 400 million joules of kinetic energy, the explosive power of 100 kilograms of TNT.  A situation that human physiology is not designed to survive. “So, no. Maverick does not walk away from this.  He be dead.  Very dead.” Way back in the pre-COVID days, Tom Cruise was talking about making a movie in outer space.  And it finally looks like it might be happening. Tom is in talks with Universal to do a movie on the International Space Station . . . and it could involve his craziest stunt yet. Universal chairman Donna Langley says she hopes Tom will become, quote, “the first civilian to do a space walk outside of the space station.” There’s not much info on the plot, other than that Tom’s character will head up to the space station to, quote, “save the day.”

In between all the laughs and hijinks of Seinfeld, there is food. Grub was central to many of Seinfeld’s most memorable moments throughout the show’s nine-season run. And starting tomorrow, fans of Seinfeld will now be able to bring the hit ‘90s sitcom into the comfort of their own kitchens with the release of Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook. The book ($35) will feature over 60 recipes for every type of Seinfeld fan, from seasoned chefs to kitchen newcomers. From favorite recipes found in Jerry Seinfeld’s kitchen to the eats at Monk’s café, the 160-page cookbook includes George Costanza’s usual tuna on toast, a chocolate-peppermint milkshake, Rusty’s beefarino and more, along with Seinfeld-inspired contemplations on the black and white cookie, the Big Salad, shrimp cocktail etiquette, lobster revenge omelets, babka varieties and other fare.

Do you know why they say “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night”, instead of “It’s Saturday Night Live”?  Back then, Howard Cosell already had a show called “Saturday Night Live”, so SNL had to call theirs, “NBC’s Saturday Night”. Who were the first regulars in the cold open?  John Belushi and Michael O’Donoghue in the “Wolverines” sketch.  Shortly after it, Chevy Chase, acting as a stage manager, was the first to announce the famous phrase. The first host was George Carlin.  Guests included Jim Henson’s Muppets, and Andy Kaufman doing his Mighty Mouse record player bit.  The first two musical artists were Billy Preston and Janis Ian.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick were among the victims of Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme.  And in a new interview, Kevin admits that they lost MOST of their money. He says, quote, “There’s obvious life lessons there.  You know, if something is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.  “And when something like that happens, you know, you look at each other, then you go, ‘Well, that sucks.  Let’s, roll up our sleeves and get to work,’ you know?” He adds, quote, “We’ve made it this far.  Our kids are healthy.  We’re healthy.  We can still both work and certainly, you get angry and stuff, but I have to say that there were a lot of people who were much worse off than we were.”

If you’re looking for something REALLY scary to watch this Halloween, a website called StudyFinds claims to have found the five SCARIEST movies.  They visited, and I quote, “10 of the leading expert websites”, to see which movies are rated the most fright-inducing.  Here are the results

  1. “The Exorcist”, 1973
  2. “Halloween”, 1978
  3. “Paranormal Activity”, 2007
  4. “The Shining”, 1980
  5. “It Follows”, 2014

Madonna is having fun expressing herself on TikTok. The 64-year-old pop legend, who recently dyed her hair pink, shared a video of herself over the weekend participating in the “If I Miss I’m Gay” meme on the social media platform. The post comes as she’s been spotted making out with another female entertainer in recent weeks. In the video, Madonna is in the bathroom taking a pair of bright pink panties, bawling them up, and tossing them in the trash.  She misses entirely and poses for the camera before twirling away. “If I miss I’m gay,” she captioned the post.

A previously-unreleased Queen song with Freddie Mercury on vocals is dropping on Thursday. It’s called “Face It Alone”, and it was recorded during sessions for Queen’s 1989 album “The Miracle”. When the band first discovered the track, they didn’t think it was usable.  Brian May said, quote, “We looked at it many times and thought, ‘Oh, no, we can’t really rescue that.’ “But in fact, we went in there again and our wonderful engineering team went, ‘OK, we can do this and this.’  It’s like kind of stitching bits together . . . but it’s beautiful, it’s touching.”

Fat Mike from NOFX spearheaded the creation of the first comprehensive Punk Rock Museum, and he just announced yesterday that it’s opening in Las Vegas on January 13th of 2023.  So, just a few months. And here’s the cool part:  EVERYBODY GETS IN.  Mike says, quote, “If you’re a punk band, you’re [effing] in.  It’s that simple.”  The museum’s collection so far includes Devo’s “energy dome” helmets, an old Vultures t-shirt that belonged to Debbie Harry . . . Sum-41’s bright green chainsaw from the Does This Look Infected tour, and the acoustic guitar Rise Against used to write their first songs.

Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes says his bandmate Josh Homme has recorded a new Queens of The Stone Age album. While talking about recording a new Eagles album on Instagram Live, Hughes added “Queens just did one, now we’re doing ours now.” Queens of The Stone Age has also announced appearances at several 2023 European festivals.

Snoop Dogg is taking the legalization of weed in recent times and is RUNNING WITH IT.  Snoop has teamed with TSUMoSnacks for cannabis edibles called Snazzle O’s. The first two flavors are Onion and Spicy Onion. Each bag contains 100mg of THC. Snoop said, “There are plenty of sweet edibles out there, so when I created this product I wanted to put the Dogg twist on it.” As of now, you can only get the snacks at MedMen locations in California.

When you see the headline “Porn Star Breaks Her Back,” your thoughts wander, don’t they?  Well, Adriana Chechik didn’t injure herself at work, per se.  She cracked her back after jumping into a foam pit at TwitchCon in San Diego on Saturday. Adriana participated in an elevated jousting match, and after she won, she jumped into the pit. The fall was not good.  When she struggled to get out, onlookers came in to help.  On Sunday, Adriana tweeted, “Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today. Send your support.” The folks at the convention might need to ensure insurance was in place because another person jumping into the foam pit dislocated their knee. Ouch! (LINK)

There are celebrities you can walk right up to and ask for an autograph, and they’ll happily oblige.  On the other hand, here’s a list of famous people who WON’T sign autographs in the wild . . .

  1. William Shatner.  He’ll happily sign at conventions . . . where you have to PAY, of course.  But it’s just not practical in public.  He says, quote, “[If] I do it for one [person], an instant line [of] 50 forms.”
  1. Bryan Cranston.  He used to be more accommodating, but in 2018 he said, quote, “After 18 years of signing everything for fans, I’m retiring.”
  1. Steve Martin.  It’s not clear what his policy is now, but back in the ’80s. Steve used to hand out pre-signed cards that said, “This certifies that you have had a personal encounter with me and you found me warm, polite, intelligent, and funny.”
  2. Ringo Starr.  He “retired” from signing autographs in 2008.
  1. Bruce Campbell.  He’s another one who prefers the convention scene, because it gives him a chance to meet the fans
  1. Billie Eilish She stopped signing in 2019, because getting crowded by autograph hounds made her uncomfortable.


Cardi B is 30.

Best known for her role as ‘Dr. Temperance Brennan’ on the show ‘Bones’, Emily Deschanel is 46.

Vampire Bill Compton on “True Blood”, Stephen Moyer is 53

Comedian Artie Lange is 55.

Joan Cusack is 60.

49ers’s Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young is 61.

From Hall and Oates… Hall is 76

Porn B

Rene Bond

Today’s birthday girl has been in 124 fine films, including:

– Chic ’69

– Confessions of a Madame

– Country Cuzzins

– Diary of a Schizo

– I’m No Virgin

– Orgy American Style

– Your Wife or Mine

– And who can forget her role in 1975’s Beach Blanket Bango

Rene Bond WOULD HAVE BEEN 72 years old. Sadly, Rene passed away in 1996.

Sports Report 1

According to the post dispatch the news that hit yesterday about Jake Neighbors and Josh Leivo was all about the dance of the salary cap. There was a deadline to turn in initial regular-season rosters to the NHL and be salary-cap compliant, so the Blues announced that those two forwards Jake had been assigned to the Springfield Thunderbirds of the AHL. They say it is just a paper move to get under cap and maximize cap space. Today, they expect defenseman Marco Scandella and his $3.275 million cap count to go on long-term injured reserve (LTIR) — and thus no longer counts against the team cap — Neighbours and Leivo are expected to be back on the Blues’ roster. Neighbours is waivers exempt, so he can be assigned to the American Hockey League without the threat of being claimed by another team. Leivo was placed on waivers Sunday but went unclaimed (LINK)

Google could be the next tech giant to snag naming rights to a soccer stadium. Tottenham Hotspur is reportedly in talks with the company for naming rights to the club’s $1.1 billion home, which opened in 2019. Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has been interested in securing a deal for the 62,850-capacity stadium with the “right brand, on the right money.” Football Insider previously reported the Spurs are holding out for a deal worth $32.8 million per year for at least 10 years. Nike and Amazon were reportedly top contenders for a deal in 2020. Google would be the latest technology giant to grab soccer stadium rights. In March, Spotify purchased naming rights to FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium for a reported $310 million. It is thought to be the most lucrative naming rights deal in European soccer. Tottenham posted a $106.9 million loss for its fiscal 2021, and its club debt increased to $943 million from $808.1 million after 2020. Google isn’t new to sports deals. In March, the company struck a multiyear deal with McLaren’s Formula 1 and Extreme E teams. In October 2021, Google announced a marketing and technology deal with the NBA, and last week, Google Cloud renewed its agreement with MLB.

Bronny James is following in his father’s footsteps and joining the Nike family — the high school hoops star just inked a NIL deal with the shoe giant. Nike made the announcement saying the 18-year-old baller is one of five high school prospects who recently signed Name, Image and Likeness endorsements with the Swoosh. It was a no-brainer to get Bronny on board — especially considering Nike and LeBron James have been attached at the hip since he was drafted in 2003 … and collaborated on 20 signature shoes together.

The Matt Rhule era in Carolina is over — the Panthers just announced they’re parting ways with their head coach after a 1-4 start. It’s no secret — the Panthers have been a mess so far this season … and have really struggled during Rhule’s tenure, going 5-11 and 5-12 in his first two years on the sidelines. The decision comes just weeks after Panthers owner David Tepper said the organization would be “patient” with Rhule. The Panthers lost 37-15 to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday … Rhule had four years left on his $62 million deal … but it was clear the organization felt it was time to make a change ASAP. Rhule isn’t the only coach getting the boot in Carolina — defensive coordinator Phil Snow has also been let go.

Seven catches. Twenty-five yards. And 24 points.

That was tight end Travis Kelce‘s final stat line on a chaotic Monday night in which some short gains added up to a big win.

Kelce tallied a career-high four touchdown receptions to key the Kansas City Chiefs’ 30-29 win over the Las Vegas Raiders in which they came back from a 17-point deficit. Kelce became the first player in NFL history to record four receiving touchdowns of fewer than 10 yards in a game, according to NFL Research. Kelce, who tied the Chiefs’ franchise record with a catch in 131 straight games, has been a constant season after season, building a rapport with Patrick Mahomes that’s rarely seen and marveled at by their future Hall of Fame head coach (LINK)