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Aaron Carter was found dead in his home in Lancaster, California on Saturday.  He was only 34.  Aaron’s house sitter found his body in the bathtub around 11:00 a.m. and called 911. There’s no word yet on the cause of death, but authorities say they found no evidence of foul play.  After selling millions of albums in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Aaron struggled with substance abuse, and went to rehab several times. His most recent stint was this past September, after he lost custody of his son Prince, who will be a year old later this month. Prince’s mother, Melanie Martin, issued a statement saying, quote, “We are still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality.  Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.” Aaron’s older brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys said, quote, “My heart has been broken today.  Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded. Addiction and mental illness is the real villain here.”

Aaron Carter’s death comes at that time when we start looking back at the year that was.  And so, whether it’s morbid or just convenient, the first of those retrospectives is a look back at those we’ve lost.  Here’s a Sample:

January 6th:  Sidney Poitier

January 9th:  Bob Saget

January 20th:  Meat Loaf

January 21:  Louie Anderson

February 24th:  Sally Kellerman

March 25th:  Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins

April 2nd:  “Seinfeld” and “Toy Story” star Estelle Harris

April 12th:  Gilbert Gottfried

April 15th:  Another “Seinfeld” star, Liz Sheridan.  She played Jerry’s mom

April 30th:  Naomi Judd

May 26th:  Ray Liotta

July 6th:  James Caan

July 25th:  Paul Sorvino

August 8th:  Olivia Newton-John

August 12th:  Anne Heche

September 28th:  Coolio

October 4th:  Loretta Lynn

October 11th:  Angela Lansbury

October 24th:  Leslie Jordan

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted its class of 2022 at the Microsoft Theater in L.A. on Saturday. The new Hall of Famers are Duran Duran, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, the Eurythmics, Lionel Richie, Judas Priest, Carly Simon, and the two so-called “controversial” nominees, Dolly Parton and Eminem. I will say this about Dolly, though:  If you’re against her being in the Rock Hall, then you’re against all the pictures and video that are flooding the Internet of her sharing a microphone with Judas Priest lead screamer Rob Halford. Rob was part of the all-star jam on Dolly’s “Jolene”, and seeing them together is the EXACT vibe I needed this morning.  So I will not tolerate your anti-Dolly snobbery. As for Eminem, he admitted, quote, “I’m probably not supposed to actually be here tonight for a couple of reasons” . . . one being because he’s a rapper, and the other being the 2007 overdose that almost killed him. But he proved his chops by jamming with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. . . as well as Ed Sheeran. On a tragic note, Duran Duran was down one member.  Guitarist Andy Taylor skipped the ceremony because he’s battling stage 4 prostate cancer. Simon Le Bon read a letter from Taylor, in which he thanked, quote, “the greatest fans a group could have” for the honor. Robert Downey Jr. inducted Duran Duran, and said that when they played at his 50th birthday party, quote, “the wife of this prominent director tore off her bra and threw it on stage.” Also, Lionel Richie went home with more than just a new trophy.  He was there with his girlfriend, who’s 40 years younger than him.  He’s 73, she’s 33. During his set, he was joined by surprise guest Dave Grohl on “Easy”. Carly Simon couldn’t make the ceremony, so Sara Bareilles and Olivia Rodrigo performed for her. In addition to the performers, producer Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were honored by Janet Jackson, and Bruce Springsteen inducted Jimmy Iovine. The show lasted more than five hours, but a pared-down version will air on HBO on November 19th.

After vowing to make Twitter a place of “free speech,” Elon Musk announced a new policy on Sunday that will remove accounts engaging in the type of “impersonation” that comedians and others have used to humorously protest his takeover of the social network in recent days. “Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended,” Musk tweeted Sunday evening. Musk added that while users previously received a warning before suspension, moving forward “there will be no warning.” Celebrities such as Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, and Mad Men star Rich Sommer quickly had their accounts removed for changing their usernames and photos to match Musk’s.

Comedian Dave Chappelle is set to make his return to the Saturday Night Live stage. SNL confirmed the big news that Chappelle would handle hosting duties during Saturday’s show.  Dave, who has won two Emmys for Best Comedy Guest Actor on SNL, will be hosting the show for the third time. Legendary duo Black Star will be the musical guest. The November 12th episode will follow this week’s mid-term elections which no doubt will bring the jabs and the laughs.

Here’s an interesting bit of celebrity trivia for you:  When Julia Roberts was born, her parents’ hospital bill was paid by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King. Julia’s parents used to run a theater school in Atlanta, and one day Coretta called them and asked if her kids could join.  It was the ’60s, and thanks to segregation at the time, it was hard for her to find a school that would accept them. But Julia’s parents did, and they became friends with the Kings.  Then, when the Roberts needed help paying their maternity bill, the Kings stepped up.

Black Adam is holding it down before Black Panther. For the third weekend, Black Adam was the number-one film in North America. The movie grossed $18.5 million. The film has made over $319 million globally. It’s a foregone conclusion that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be next week’s number-one film. We’ll wait and see how much the highly anticipated movie brings in.

Fans of Westworld won’t get to see the show again — at least for the foreseeable future. HBO decided Friday to cancel the hit sci-fi series after its recent fourth season, which ended on Aug. 14. Westworld was one of the most talked-about TV series since its debut on HBO in 2016.  The drama set in a high-tech, Wild West-centric theme park also racked up many awards, including 54 Emmy Award nominations. But even as the show’s lavish budget topped $100 million, ratings and viewership plummeted over the course of its four seasons.

Another show ending?  Colin Mochrie, long-time star of The CW’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? (LINK), has revealed that the series will be taping its final season soon. In a recent tweet, Mochrie announced that January 2023 will see him, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and host Aisha Tyler (plus, presumably, the show’s usual rotating series of fourth slot performers) getting together to film one more batch of episodes of the long-running short-form improv show.  It aired on ABC in the late 1990s and then got picked up by The CW in 2013.

“November Rain” isn’t exactly the most celebratory song, but Guns N’ Roses have shared a new version of the track to commemorate the start of the month. Included on the 30th anniversary edition of Use Your Illusion I, the updated rendition features a full orchestra, so there are some things about it that sound a bit different. Axl Rose wrote the skeleton of the track before the band had even formed, and there are piano and acoustic demo versions you can hear when it was in its infancy. It was only a matter of time before Rose was going to release it, and he certainly knew it didn’t belong on Appetite for Destruction.  

Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss didn’t have a loss of attention over the weekend. A couple of Drake lyrics set off firestorms on social media.  On the track, “Circo Loco,” Drake implied that Megan Thee Stallion is lying about being shot by Tory Lanez.  Drake rapped, “This b—- lie ‘bout getting shots but she still a stallion.” Meg didn’t appreciate the slight. She tweeted, “Stop using my shooting for clout b***h ass N***as! Since when tf is it cool to joke abt women getting shot ! You n***as especially RAP N***AS ARE LAME! Ready to boycott shoes and clothes but dog pile on a black woman when she say one of y’all homeboys abused her.” Many discussions about the lyric were posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit threads.  Drake also threw some shade at Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis, calling him a “groupie” on the song “Middle of the Ocean.” He responded on Twitter saying, “The reason I stay winning is because I’m relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter.”

As much as we would like to think it’s true, Snoop Dogg doesn’t smoke 75 to 150 blunts a day.  Last week, Snoop disputed his “roller’s” claim that she has made at least 450,000 blunts for him since 2016. Snoop responded on Instagram saying, “The b***h is conning u man.” On Sunday, Snoop dropped a video featuring several roaches saying, “B***h said I smoke… b***h, this is all in a day’s work. Stop lying. F**k I’ma smoke all that weed in one day. What am I, a f***in’ machine? B***h, this is the roaches. See… roaches.”

Post Malone is on the road for his Twelve Carat Tour and at a recent meet & greet one fan decided to be rude. “Post Malone you a b***h,” the heckler yelled. Post Malone turned and looked at the guy and remained calm. The eye contact made the hater waver, but he quickly picked back up. “You suck. You a b***h,” he continued. “You a b***h. Post Malone sucks.”  Posty responded by saying, “That’s rude,” before turning back to people who actually wanted an autograph. It appears the heckler was escorted out because at this point the video gets shaky and eventually cuts out.

Creed hasn’t exactly been cool for a minute.  Or longer. But Scott Stapp doesn’t mind being held up as an example of LAMENESS.  Because it means people are rediscovering the band. He says, quote, “I’m proud I’m a meme!  How many people get to be a meme? . . . Man, how many people get that.  [To be] a part of a generation of people, and [to get to] tie into a new generation.” Stapp even remembers a car ride where his son Jagger was making fun of his singing on “With Arms Wide Open” . . . a song he actually wrote FOR Jagger.

Simon Cowell admitted he was a nightmare child because he started drinking and smoking cigarettes at only eight years old.  But his antics didn’t stop there.  In an interview with “The Sun”, he said, quote, “I once nearly burned the house down.  I was trying to prove to my brother that Father Christmas wasn’t real, so I found the costume and set fire to the beard.” Simon said he dropped the beard on a sofa and sent the whole room up in flames.  He also stole his dad’s car when he was 10 and, of course, crashed it, just like he would with his e-bikes as an adult. Oh, and he was arrested when he was 12 for pointing a pea-shooting gun at a bus driver.

Were not quite there yet, but, almost.  Someone has released their top ranking of the BEST ROCK Christmas Albums.  And we have the TOP 10.

  • Christmas Eve & Other Stories by Tran Siberian Orchestra
  • Beach Boys Christmas by The Beach Boys
  • Happy XMAS by Eric Clapton
  • The Christmas Attic by TSO
  • Elvis Christmas by Elvis
  • The Lost Christmas Eve by TSO
  • A Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister
  • Christmas Comes Alive by Brian Setzer Orchestra
  • The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
  • Christmas With Weezer


Singer Lorde is 26.

He played Adam in the show “Workaholics”, Andy on “Modern Family”, he’s in the “Pitch Perfect Movies”, and he plays Kelvin Gemstone in “ The Righteous Gemstones”, Adam DeVine is 39.

Randall “Pink” Floyd in the movie “Dazed and Confused”, Jason London is 50.

The “Super-Size Me” guy Morgan Spurlock is 52.

DJ David Guetta is 55.

He played Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch”,  Christopher Knight is 65.

“Bar Rescue’s” Jon Taffer is 68.x

Singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell is 79

Porn B

Britney Foster

Today’s birthday girl has been in 73 fine films, including:

– American Ass 1

– Best Butts in the Biz

– Bottom Feeders 6

– Pretty Girls Are Perverts Too

– Search for the Ripe Peach 1 & 2

– Secret Suburban Sex Parties

– When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 9, 11 & 12

– And who can forget her role in 2002’s Foul Mouth Sluts 1

Britney Foster is 47 years old

Sports Report 1

The Houston Astros won the World Series for the second time since 2017 on Saturday night.  Here’s the final call of Game 6.  (Final Score:  Houston 4, Philadelphia 1.) Of Note:  The Astros won it at home in Houston.  That hasn’t happened since (LINK) the Boston Red Sox won the series in 2013. Jeremy Peña became the first rookie position player to win the World Series MVP. The championship is the Astros’ second.As you obviously know now is that the Houston Astros won the World Series on Saturday, by beating the Philadelphia Phillies 4 to 1 in Game 6. What you may not know is that a major record was set that had NOTHING to do with the action on the field.

Houston furniture tycoon Jim McIngvale . . . better known as Mattress Mack. . . bet a total of $10 MILLION on the Astros to win the series.  And because they did, he pocketed a record $75 MILLION. He placed several different bets, but the biggest one was at Caesars, where the payout was $30 MILLION . . . which Caesars called, quote, “the biggest check in sports betting history.” It’s not clear if any of that cash will end up in Mack’s own pockets, but it’s part of his classic “If the Astros win, you win” promotion, where he uses his winnings to give out  deals to customers. Here is Mattress Mack making his game six prediction and the moment he realized he’d won the $75 million (LINK)

One of the highlights of the Astros winning Saturday night was that their manager, Dusty Baker, finally (LINK) gets a World Series ring.  He came close in 2002 when he was managing the San Francisco Giants.  They were 8 outs away from the championship when it all slipped away, due to Dusty leaving a pitcher in too long.  Here’s Dusty’s moment Saturday night.

The Cardinals had a bench coach spot to fill and last week they offered it to one of our NFL PICKEM COMPETITORS. He accepted and they officially named Matt Holliday their bench coach Sunday. He replaces his former teammate and good friend Skip Schumaker. Holliday joins the staff run by a close friend, manager Oliver Marmol, and an organization that just a few months ago inducted him into its Hall of Fame, red jacket and all. The four previous people to hold the role of Cardinals bench coach have gone on to become managers, the Miami Marlins in Schumaker’s case. The Cardinals also promoted Dusty Blake, as expected, to pitching coach, and they turned to assistant hitting coach Turner Ward to take over as hitting coach

CONGRATS! The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville women have done it again. With a 1-0 victory over top-seeded Tennessee Tech on the Golden Eagles’ home field in Cookeville, Tenn., Sunday, the second-seeded Cougars captured their third consecutive Ohio Valley Conference women’s soccer tournament title and advance to the NCAA Division I tournament. The NCAA bracket will be announced at 3 p.m. today. This will be the third consecutive and fifth overall NCAA Division I tournament trip for the Cougars. SIUE lost in first-round games to powers Notre Dame last year and to Virginia in the spring of 2021 to close its last two seasons. On Sunday, the Cougars (8-5-4) avenged a 2-0 regular-season loss at Tennessee Tech as sophomore Sidney Christopher knocked in free kick from Taylor Dolt in the 54th minute. Taylor Spiller posted the shutout. It was her seventh of the season and third straight of the postseason.

Tom Brady continues to defy Father Time. On Sunday, the Tampa Bay quarterback crossed 100,000 passing yards in his career (regular season and playoffs combined), becoming the first player to accomplish the feat. Brady crossed the mark as his team trailed the L.A. Rams in the 4th quarter of their contest. Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees is the only one close to Brady at 85,724 yards. In typical Brady fashion, he led a game-winning drive to put the Bucs on top 16-13.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs had a tough time moving the ball on Sunday night. But if you don’t flat out beat em Mahomes has a tendency to hunt you down a bit. That’s what happened last night. Chiefs won the coin toss in overtime, and got a field goal to start overtime, the. then defense didn’t let the Titans get a first down on their lone overtime possession and Kansas City beat Tennessee 20-17 (LINK)