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A Guy Used a Riding Mower as His Getaway Car During a Burglary Spree – WCFCourier


Why You Should Wait 12 Dates Before Having Sex – HealthLine

Viagra Might Also Make Your Life Longer – StudyFinds

The Most Common Things In A Woman’s Purse – MSN

5% of People Are Having Too Much Sex Right Now – YouGov

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Remember the guy who quit his job and they sent him his last paycheck as pennies covered in oil?  Coinstar stepped in to help him out.  They picked up the 91,000 pennies on Thursday and gave him a check rounded up to $1,000.  (Full Story)

There have been lots of rumors online that Egypt’s first female ship master was responsible for that ship blocking the Suez Canal . . . even though she was hundreds of miles away at the time.  (Full Story)


DMX is on life support after suffering a heart attack on Friday . . . and according to reports, it was brought on by a drug overdose. The paramedics tried to resuscitate him for 30 minutes, and during that time he wasn’t breathing.  There are conflicting reports . . . some say he has “some brain activity,” while others say he’s in a “vegetative state, with lung and brain failure.” DMX’s lawyer initially said (LINK) he’d been taken OFF life support and was breathing on his own . . . but then he later said that he was given wrong information, and that X was still on life support. DMX has publicly struggled with drug addiction, and he’s been incarcerated over drug charges in the past.  This may not have been his first overdose. In 2016, he reportedly OD’d and was saved by cops.  The police say a medic injected him with Narcan.  DMX became “semiconscious,” and was rushed to a nearby hospital. DMX’s people later said that it was just an asthma attack.  DMX is 50 years old. 

You guys remember back in 2017 one of the biggest Youtube stars out there was a girl named April? She was pregnant for 16 months. It was a zoo. She is 18 foot tall. She is a giraffe who launched to fame in 2017 when her upstate NY zoo began livestreaming the final stretch of her 16-month pregnancy, has died at the age of 20. She was euthanized after a battle with arthritis.  (“We credit and thank the outstanding collective care provided by the park’s veterinarians and animal care team with keeping April happy and healthy during her more than five year stay at Animal Adventure,” said a Facebook post from the park. “Both teams have made every possible effort to keep her comfortable and prolong her life while managing her condition. Over the past year, accommodations were made and treatments performed, including yard substrate changes, installation of a state-of-the-art padded barn flooring system, coupled with farrier work, dietary and medical changes. April’s most recent veterinary exam identified the acceleration of April’s condition, prompting the determination that euthanasia was the humane and appropriate course of action.”)  At the time, April’s giraffe cam was the second most live-viewed channel in the history of YouTube, with north of 232 million hits between February and May of 2017.  I think 1.2 million people watched the live birth.

This dude may have extended HIS life. Anyone see a picture of 37 year old host of F that’s Delicious (real name Ariyan Arslani) Action Bronson, He lost 130 pounds since the start of the pandemic, down from his peak of 375 pounds. Here is a good motivator. In 2019 he was denied life insurance after a checkup. At the start of the pandemic in March, Bronson began taking long walks in the city and gradually escalated to jogging and other exercises. He began eating smaller, healthier meals or replacing them with juices and smoothies. On his show, he shifted to taking tastes of his meals instead of full indulgences. By May, he had shed 60 pounds and began heading to a New Jersey gym early each morning to work with a trainer. 

I guess that’s that on the famous people involved in the college admissions scandal. 57 year old fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli (LINK) better known as Lori Loughlin’s husband to some has been released from a California prison and is at a halfway house outside Los Angeles. They pleaded guilty last year to paying half a million dollars to get their two daughters into the University of Southern California. Loughlin was released from prison (LINK) in December after spending two months behind bars. He reported in November and he will be released from the halfway house in Long Beach on April 17 

Vicky Cornell, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden’s widow has control over the band’s social media accounts and the band would like it back. They are literally suing mad. Because the filed papers to get that fixed. Vicky Cornell’s attorney actually hopped on Chris’ Cornell’s social media channels to say that the surviving members of Soundgarden only want access to their band’s accounts “in order to maliciously defame Ms. Cornell, provoke her online stalkers (as [drummer] Matt Cameron has done continuously) and to instigate third-parties to harass Ms. Cornell and her minor children.” Soundgarden claim Vicky Cornell is “holding hostage the login information.” They also want Vicky to stop identifying herself as “Soundgarden”.  A hearing is set for tomorrow, April 6th. 

“Godzilla vs. Kong” out did expectations, earning $48.5 million since it opened on Wednesday . . . including $32.2 million over the three-day Easter weekend. Easily the biggest opening since the pandemic shut everything down.  Worldwide, it earned $285.4 million. The previous opening weekend record during the pandemic was “Wonder Woman 1984”, with $16.7 million over Christmas last year. (FULL STORY)

The “Friends” special we’ve been waiting this whole pandemic for is FINALLY shooting this week.  At least that’s what “sources” are telling the “Hollywood Reporter”.  HBO Max hasn’t confirmed it yet. The show was originally supposed to debut on May 27th of 2020 . . . but it kept being pushed back due to COVID-19. There’s no word yet on a new premiere date. (FULL STORY)

Aerosmith and Harley-Davidson are teaming together for a limited edition line of merch. 17 different pieces, including t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts span across six Aerosmith eras  including ones for Burn Out, Dream On and Pump. Harley-Davidson.com

Alice Cooper’s survived some of rock’s most decadent years and has the stories to prove it. Here he is talking about his first weed experience being with THE experience Jimi Hendrix

Seems like a good time to introduce you to a heavy metal band fronted by cats.  The band name is CATTERA, which is a nod to Pantera.  The “lead singer” is a rescue named Roope-Shakir.  And the single is called “Hunger of the Beast”.  That’s a reference to “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden. Basically, someone just recorded cats begging for food and set it to music.  But 100% of the sales go to a nonprofit cat rescue in Brooklyn called Whiskers-A-GoGo (LINK).  You can buy it for a buck on Bandcamp.com (LINK).     

NPR 18,000+. Over 150 different Muppets got votes. Any Muppet, any property, any era. Including “The Muppet Show”, “Muppet Babies”, “Fraggle Rock”, “Sesame Street”, “Labyrinth”.  All variations of a Muppet character are one.  Gonzo the Great and Gonzo both are Gonzo.  Some Muppets were counted as a set, like Statler and Waldorf.  Others were counted individually, like Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, as well as Bert and Ernie.  The Fraggles of “Fraggle Rock” were also counted individually. They disqualified other puppets that are NOT Muppets . . . including Yoda, and the cast of “Avenue Q”.   

Here’s the Top 25: 

  1. Kermit 
  1. Gonzo 
  1. Animal 
  1. Beaker 
  1. Rowlf 
  1. Grover 
  1. Fozzie Bear 
  1. Miss Piggy 
  1. Swedish Chef 
  1. Statlerand Waldorf 
  1. Cookie Monster 
  1. Rizzo the Rat 
  1. Oscar the Grouch 
  1. Big Bird 
  1. Janice 
  1. Pepe the King Prawn 
  1. Sam the Eagle 
  1. Ernie 
  1. Sweetums 
  1. Snuffleupagus 
  1. Scooter 
  1. Elmo 
  1. Bert 
  1. Dr. Teeth 
  1. Count von Count


Porn B

                             Jenny Hendrix

Today’s birthday girl has been in 265 fine films, including:

– 3-Way or the Freeway

– Guilty Of Being A Slut

– Anal Acrobats 3

– Ass For Days 5

– Bubble Butt Bonanza 9

– Bum Rushed

– Grand Theft Anal 11

– Weapons of Ass Destruction 6

– And who could forget her role in 2019’s My Job is a Pain in the Ass

Jenny Hendrix is 35 years old.

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The Cardinals got things going on Thursday with a big win against the Reds.  Then it didn’t go so well.  After a 9-6 loss with a bench clearing scuffle after a hit-by-pitch and then a hard slide into home by the Reds got Yadi and pitcher Jake Woodford all fired up on Saturday…the Red’s destroyed the Cards 12-1 last night in the 3rd game.  Now the Cards switch to focus on the Marlins.  They start a 3 game series with the Marlins tonight in Miami.  First pitch is scheduled for 5:40PM and Daniel Ponce de Leon gets the start.

The Blues are back in action tonight as they take on the Vegas Golden Knights.  The Blues are coming off of back-to-back losses to the Avalanche.  On Friday Colorado got the 3-2 win and they picked up a 2-1 win on Saturday.  Puck drop tonight is scheduled for 7PM.

Last night the Stanford Cardinals beat the Arizona Wildcats in the Women’s College Basketball final.  The game was back and forth and came down to the end but Arizona wasn’t able to make the final shot as time expired.

The men’s final is tonight, and it’ll have Baylor (who DESTROYED Houston) taking on Gonzaga – who – made it to the final in DRAMATIC fashion after their game against UCLA. The finals for the men tip off tonight at 7PM.

The University of Kansas announced today that hall of fame men’s basketball head coach Bill Self has signed a lifetime contract with the Jayhawks. His current contract, which was set to expire next March, is being replaced with a new five-year rolling agreement that automatically adds one year at the conclusion of each season that he continues to cheat for the remainder of his career.

Major League Baseball announced Friday that it is moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in response to a new Georgia law that has civil rights groups concerned about its potential to restrict voting access for minorities. The 2021 MLB draft, a new addition to All-Star Game festivities this year, will also be relocated. In a statement, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the league is “finalizing a new host city and details about these events will be announced shortly.” A source told ESPN that the 2022 All-Star Game is still planned for Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and that that site won’t be moved up to fill the void this summer.

It didn’t take long for Shohei Ohtani to put his talents on display. Pulling double duties against the White Sox on Sunday night, Ohtani twice touched 100 mph with his fastball in a scoreless top of the first inning—topping out at 100.6—without allowing a hit. In the bottom half of the inning, Ohtani turned on the first pitch he saw and crushed it over the wall in right field. The blast had an exit velocity of 115.2 mph, the hardest for the Angels since Statcast was introduced in 2015, and went 451 feet. His 100.6 mph fastball was the hardest thrown by a starting pitcher this season, while the home run was the hardest-hit by any player in 2021.

Los Angeles Angels reliever Ty Buttrey has retired from baseball, saying he’s lost his affection for the game. “I just wanted to prove everyone wrong. As time went on baseball became more of a business and less of a game. I couldn’t help but notice my love and passion for this game started to diminish. I always thought baseball was a cool job.” The right-hander was one of the key pieces of the Angels’ bullpen the past three seasons, but he struggled with control problems during spring training and was optioned to the team’s alternate training site. His 115 appearances were fourth on the team among pitchers, and he was 8-11 with a 4.30 ERA.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis sent a tweet containing an anti-Asian slur Sunday night, and he has since apologized, saying he did not realize the term’s deeply hurtful meaning. “Gotta stop letting g—- in Miami,” Davis wrote in the since-deleted tweet. Davis, 24, apologized in subsequent tweets for using the slur and said he thought the term meant “lame.” “I used a term that from where I come from has always meant ‘lame’ but I did not realize it has a much darker, negative connotation. I have learned a valuable lesson and want to apologize to anyone that was offended by seeing that word because we need to focus on helping each other during these tough times.”

Jordan Spieth tapped in for par to win the British Open for his third major and 11th victory in just five years on the PGA Tour. He never imagined he would go 1,351 days before he felt that way again. He went 82 events on tour without winning. Once the No. 1 player, he was headed out of the top 100 in the world. Spieth ended the slump Sunday by giving himself birdie chances and making most of them, closing with a 6-under 66 to hold off Charley Hoffman for a 2-shot victory in the Valero Texas Open.