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Canton Man Kidnapped Ex-Wife So He Could Pretend To Save Her – LINK 


Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its Perish In Meth-Linked Tractor-Trailer Crash – LINK


TRUE? Man cuts off penis while running from law – LINK

Natural Light Is Making Vodka – Food&Wine

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With Bonnaroo happening this weekend I need to let you know that Bonnaroo isn’t happening this weekend. And it isn’t covid. Its water. Too much rain. It’s unsafe conditions caused by Hurricane Ida. Centeroo (where the stages and activations are set) and the surrounding campgrounds became so waterlogged from rain that the grounds have been rendered unusable and unsafe. “We are absolutely heartbroken to announce that we must cancel Bonnaroo,” read the note. “While this weekend’s weather looks outstanding, currently Centeroo is waterlogged in many areas, the ground is incredibly saturated on our tollbooth paths, and the campgrounds are flooded to the point that we are unable to drive in or park vehicles safely.” They have made a promise to return in June of 2022. All tickets purchased through Front Gate Tickets will be refunded in as little as 30 days to the original method of payment.”  (Foo Fighters, Run the Jewels, Nelly, Primus, Lizzo, Tyler the Creator) 

Can you believe it’s already September?  See if you can name all the people singing about September in this clip.  (Answers:  Josh Groban, “Try to Remember” . . . Neil Diamond, “September Morn” . . . Daughtry, “September” . . . Green Day, “Wake Me Up When September Ends” . . . and Justin Timberlake with Earth, Wind & Fire, “September”.  

Get ready for the start of the school year with a classic movie or two that embody that back-to-school feeling.  TheWrap.com (LINK) put together a list . . . here are some highlights: 

  1. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”,  1982. 
  1. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”,  2001. 
  1. “Kindergarten Cop”,  1990. 
  1. “School of Rock”,  2003. 
  1. “Mean Girls”,  2004. 
  1. “21 Jump Street”,  2012. 
  1. “Matilda”,  1996. 
  1. “Monsters University”,  2013. 
  1. “Friday Night Lights”,  2004. 
  1. “Animal House”,  1978. 

 “Grease” and “Napoleon Dynamite”. 


By now you’ve probably heard of that Alabama cop Eric Fields.  He’s the guy who looks a lot like THE ROCK . . . in certain photos and from certain angles, anyway. REAL Rock heard of him now, too and wants to have a drink with him.  Providing they toast with the Rock’s own tequila brand, of course. He Tweeted, quote, “Oh [crap]!  Wow . . . Stay safe brother and thank you for your service.  One day we’ll drink Teremana and I need to hear all your ‘Rock stories’ because I KNOW you got ’em.” (LINK)

It’s been 40 years since Metallica’s Lars Ulrich put the classified ad in an L.A. newspaper that would lead his bandmates coming together to begin their rockstar careers. Now Metallica has teamed up with Carhartt for a “reimagined classified ad” that sends job seekers and supporters to Carhartt’s website, which shares info on the band’s All Within My Hands’ Metallica Scholars program, just in time for Labor Day. Carhartt will also donate every dollar from every online sale on Labor Day to Metallica’s All Within My Hands foundation to help the next generation gain the skills and services to begin a career in the trades like carpentry, electrical work and more. You can also learn more about the skilled tradesmen and women who work behind the scenes to keep Metallica going while shopping around this Labor Day at Carhartt.com 

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crew briefly reveals in his upcoming memoir, The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx, that Motley Crue asked David Lee Roth to join them, Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett on their summer stadium tour. Diamond Dave declined.  Nikki Sixx said Roth told him “I don’t open for bands that I influenced.” Maybe Roth should have considered Motley Crue’s offer since KISS didn’t ask him to return for their resumed farewell tour. Motley Crue’s massive summer stadium tour, postponed for over a year now, kicks off June 16th, 2022 in Atlanta. STL is July 5th 2022. 

First PAUL STANLEY got COVID, and now GENE SIMMONS has tested positive. That means KISS will have to postpone even MORE shows.  For right now, they’re off the road through at least Sunday, when they were supposed to play in Milwaukee. Paul has already recovered (LINK).  Gene’s symptoms are reportedly mild, and the whole KISS crew IS vaccinated.  Gene recently spoke out in favor of the vaccines, saying he wasn’t worried if, quote, “an idiot gets COVID and dies” . . . but it bothered him that their reckless behavior could endanger others. 

JAMIE SPEARS asked for $2 million in exchange for exiting BRITNEY’s conservatorship.  It sounds like a shakedown, but of course, Jamie calls it compensation. He says the money is for various duties he performed, like handling media attention and doing his “best to keep current” with the music business.  (???)  He also wants attorney’s fees. But Britney’s not having it.  Her attorney says, quote, “Mr. Spears’ blatant attempt to barter suspension and removal in exchange for approximately $2 million in payments, on top of the millions already reaped from Ms. Spears’ estate by Mr. Spears and his associates, is a non-starter.” He added, quote, “Regardless of the past, Mr. Spears and his counsel are now on notice: the status quo is no longer tolerable, and Britney Spears will not be extorted.” He also wants Jamie out ASAP.  Quote, “Britney Spears’ life matters.  Her well-being matters.  Every day matters.  There is no basis to wait.” (LINK)

Murder Hornets . . . remember those?  ROSE MCGOWAN does. She was stung the other day and documented the experience on Twitter while asking her followers for help.  And for reference, she says she lives in a jungle in Mexico. Rose said, quote, “I was just stung by a Murder Hornet.  Incredible pain, right arm and leg going numb.  Heart racing.  Any tips?” Then a couple hours later she said, quote, “My vision is now fuzzy.  My balance is off.  I am in the middle of nowhere.  My body is sweating, stomach cramping.”Rose even shared a photo of the hornet and a video of it still moving after she tried killing it. The next day she thanked her followers for their advice and help.  Quote, “Thanks for ‘listening.’  Sometimes I don’t know who to talk to about weird stuff, so all of you strangers that I’m connected to . . . muchísimas gracias!” Sounds like she’s going to be a-okay.  FYI, one guy replied to Rose that she was actually stung by an executioner wasp (LINK)

The “Jeopardy!” drama continues.  MIKE RICHARDS was let go as executive producer.  A letter was sent to the crew for “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” yesterday by an executive who said, quote, “We had hoped that when Mike stepped down from the host position . . . it would have minimized the disruption and internal difficulties we have all experienced these last few weeks.  “That clearly has not happened.” After hearing this news, former “Jeopardy!” champion James Holzhauer tweeted a “Wizard of Oz” GIF that said, quote, “Ding dong the witch is dead.”  No word from Mike (LINK)

Celebrating a Birthday today: 

Zendaya is 25.  Michelle Jones in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, Chani in the upcoming “Dune” movie, Rue Bennett on HBO’s “Euphoria”, and Lola Bunny in the new “Space Jam”.

Your kids also know her as K.C. Cooper on the spy series “K.C. Undercover”, and as Rocky Blue on “Shake It Up!”

Padma Lakshmi is 51.  “Top Chef” host.

Gloria Estefan is 64.  Her solo hits include “Cuts Both Ways”, “Here We Are”, and “Coming Out of the Dark”.  Her Miami Sound Machine’s hits include “Conga”, “Bad Boy”, and “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”.

Billy Blanks is 66.  He invented Tae-Bo.  I could kick his ass.

Dr. Phil is 71.

Barry Gibb is 75.  The Last Bee-Gee Standing.

Lily Tomlin is 82.  Violet Newstead in “9 to 5”, Ernestine the telephone operator on “Laugh In”, and Frankie on the Netflix show “Grace and Frankie”.

Alan Dershowitz is 83.  O.J.’s lawyer.  He took some heat for his recent book, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump”.

Porn B

Jada Fire

Today’s birthday girl has been in 904 fine films, including:

– 1 Whore + 1 More 2

– America’s Got Ass

– Anus Retentus

– Apple Bottomz 2

– Bad Ass Black Mamma Jammas

– Cheek Freaks 2

– Liquid Gold 10

– And who can forget her role in 2010’s Double Fudge Dessert

Jada Fire is 45 years old.

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Yesterday, the Cardinals were supposed to take on the Red’s but mother nature had other ideas.  So today we are getting ourselves a little day/night double header.  The Cards and Reds will start things off with a game at 12:10 where Miles Mikolas will get the start.  The night game will have JA Happ on the mound.  First pitch for the night game is scheduled for 5:40PM.

Urban Meyer commented during a press conference Tuesday that a player’s COVID-19 vaccination status was taken into consideration for the Jaguars’ roster cuts.  He said: “Everyone was considered. That was part of the [considerations such as] production, let’s start talking about this, and also is he vaccinated or not? Can I say that that was a decision-maker? It was certainly in consideration.” Following Meyer’s comments, the NFLPA launched an investigation into the matter. There’s a significant difference in COVID-19 protocols between vaccinated and unvaccinated players. If deemed a high-risk close contact or test positive for the virus, an unvaccinated player would miss substantial time compared to a vaccinated player (LINK)

Cardinals cornerback Malcolm Butler was put on the reserve/retired list on Tuesday afternoon, a day after a report surfaced that said he was dealing with a personal situation and mulling retirement. Butler was not a Cardinals’ practice Tuesday morning and their head coach did not want to speak on Butler’s situation during his post-practice news conference. Butler signed a one-year contract with the Cardinals in late March after he was released by the Titans. He was brought to Arizona to replace Patrick Peterson as the Cardinals’ top cornerback.

Over in the Women’s World Hockey Tournament…Canada beat the five-time defending champion United States 3-2 on Tuesday night for its first gold medal at the women’s hockey world championship since 2012. The deciding goal was “scored” and then waived off, and then play was stopped and the goal was eventually awarded to Canada…but yet another US/Canada women’s hockey game that went into OT.  Five of the past seven world finals between Canada and the U.S. have gone to extra time, including 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2017. The U.S had won eight of the previous nine titles, including in 2019, when Canada didn’t reach the final for the first time in the history of the tournament that began in 1990.

Bishop Sycamore, the school that has gained national attention for potentially being a fraudulent program, has fired its head coach. The team made headlines on Sunday when it was blown out by IMG Academy, the No. 2 high school football team in the country, 58–0. The blowout was not the issue, but whether or not Bishop Sycamore was actually a legitimate school.  The school’s address is listed as a P.O. box and it claims to be based in Columbus but it is not affiliated with the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The roster includes postgraduate players as old as 19 or 20 who have possibly already played in junior college football games. Coach Roy Johnson was investigated for fraud and he has an active bench warrant for failing to appear in a domestic violence case.  Bishop Sycamore’s founder Andre Peterson, who also currently coaches the football team’s offensive and defensive lines, said that the head coach has been fired. He also denied that Bishop Sycamore was a “scam.”

Jake Paul’s YouTube antics appear to transition quite well to boxing. Already super successful as using his celebrity status to get fans hanging on his every statement, Paul spent the last 24 hours pretending to step away from the sport following his biggest victory yet. After tweeting that he was retiring Monday, Paul updated his status to say he’s coming out of retirement Tuesday night. This may serve as a solid warning to those new to Paul. It’s hard taking him at his word without any supporting evidence. It’s also worth noting every boxer who doesn’t have a contract for their next fight might as well be retired.  So how much money did the fighters make on Sunday? Paul and Woodley each received a $2 million following their eight-round boxing match. The Ohio athletic commission also said both fighters were drug-tested Sunday but that results were not yet available