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Would you try this spaghetti hack? – FBook A guy in Michigan got yelled at by a judge when he showed up to a Zoom court appearance and his username was “Butt[effer] 3000.”  (Full Story) A woman in Australia had tonsil surgery and it randomly left her speaking in an Irish accent.  It’s called Foreign Accent Syndrome.  (Full Story) What We Know About the Colonial Pipeline Shutdown – NYMag Black bear caught strolling through Pacific family’s backyard – Fox2Now A Woman Held a Fake Funeral for Her Boyfriend So His Mistress Would Think He Was Dead . . . and It Worked – Mirror Ford Recalls 661,000 Explorer SUVs – NBCBayArea More than 40 attorneys general urge Facebook to stop plans for an Instagram for kids – CNN

We Can Spend 3 Hours and 46 Minutes in the Car with Our Family Before They Drive Us Nuts – SWNS

  crap_on_01.jpg Gotta say congratulations to Norman Lloyd. He was Dr. Daniel Auschlander on TV’s St. Elsewhere but also worked with Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin. He has died. He was 106. Lloyd’s son, Michael Lloyd, said his father died Tuesday at his home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. His most notable film part was as the villain who plummets off the Statue of Liberty in 1942’s Saboteur, directed by Hitchcock, who also cast Lloyd in the classic thriller 1945’s Spellbound. He was also part of Welles’ 1937 modern-dress fascist-era production of Julius Caesar that has gone down in history as one of the landmark stage pieces in the American theater.   The IHOP host who accidentally turned away Adam Sandler got her chance to meet the actor this week. IHOP made Sandler’s wishes come true giving him the all-you-can-drink milkshakes on Monday after the actor joked how that was the reason he walked away in that viral TikTok video. Sandler returned to the Long Island restaurant, to celebrate its “Milkshake Monday” special, posing for numerous pics with host Dayanna Rodas. Dayanna gushed in a new TikTok vid, “Couldn’t have been more excited!! Thank you Adam Sandler!” IHOP’s “Milkshake Monday” raises money for the non-profit organization Comedy Gives Back and came about after Rodas turned Sandler away.    When it comes to the BEN AFFLECK / JENNIFER LOPEZ situation, nobody’s take is more important than MATT DAMON’s.  And I am overjoyed to report that MATT HAS SPOKEN. He was asked about the rumors on yesterday’s “Today” show. The paparazzi caught up with ALEX RODRIGUEZ outside a Miami restaurant and they asked him straight up how he felt about the JENNIFER LOPEZ / BEN AFFLECK situation. His answer: “Go Yankees.” It’s not clear if that was meant as shade, but A-Rod was a Yankee, and Ben is a Boston native and a diehard Red Sox fan.  So make of it what you will.   Seth Rogen tried to meet Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards but got bodychecked (link) by her security. He says he deserved it but listen to him talking about it BUT listen thinking his voice isn’t far from Tom Arnold which makes me picture Craig Gass immediately There’s a new pet adoption service specifically for horror fans.  And the best part is, it’s called the Texas ChainPaw Massacre.  What they do is, they scour shelters, rescues, and foster homes for adoptable pets that look like animals from horror movies, and share them on their Twitter (link) and Instagram (link). And they definitely know their horror, because they’ve showcased lookalikes from across the horror spectrum . . . from the bulldog (link) in “Krampus” to the sheep (link) in “The Toxic Avenger”, to the poor, doomed Pippet (link) the dog from “Jaws”. . .And even a mother[effin’] snake (link) from “Snakes on a Plane”. You name the horror movie animal and they’ve probably had a lookalike at one time or another.  Well this should be interesting. There is a documentary coming out about former New York City Mayor and Trump personal attorney Rudy Gulianni. Its release date is in 2022. Its based on a Rolling Stone article called What Happened to America’s Mayor. It’ll cover everything from 911 to being christened America’s Mayor to what is described as his “marred reputation” The same company is working on a documentary about Sly Stone directed by Quest Love When I think about UFO’s and uncovering secret government reports I immediately think DEMI LOVATO.  She’ll try to prove that aliens exist in a new Peacock series called “Unidentified with Demi Lovato”. It’s a four-part series where Demi, her sister Dallas, and a “skeptical” friend consult with experts, talk to eyewitnesses, uncover “secret government reports,” and conduct tests at known UFO hot spots. Proving aliens exist is only part of Demi’s agenda.  She also hopes to contact and MAKE PEACE with them.   Some guy who is a teacher of drums brought up the old every pop song has the same beat thing.  He gave a few examples and its pretty entertaining how similar it is. He makes a point its all the same just sped up or slowed down. Travis Barker has been critical of bands like Smash Mouth for playing gigs during the pandemic, calling it “disrespectful.”  It wasn’t a direct knock on Smash Mouth . . . just bands in general.  And now, Smash Mouth is poking fun at Travis’ current romance with KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN, which is all over the tabloids. They said (link), quote, “Not used to Travis Barker having a full time publicist (Kardashians) trying to keep him in the 24-hour news cycle. (They’re talking about this (link).) They later added (link) that they DON’T have beef with Travis, they just think it’s funny that he’s in the Kardashian world.  (Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Travis had a reality show of his own BEFORE the Kardashians.  “Meet the Barkers” premiered on MTV in 2005.  But no one kept up with the Kardashians until 2007.) Billboard has released its full list of the Top Artists of the Decade based on chart performance (on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200), as well as social media data, and touring revenue. The decade spans 2009 to 2019.  Here are the Top 10 Artists of the 2010s: 

  1. Drake 
  1. Taylor Swift 
  1. Bruno Mars 
  1. Rihanna 
  1. Adele 
  1. Ed Sheeran 
  1. Justin Bieber 
  1. Katy Perry 
  1. Maroon 5 
  1. Post Malone 

 The list is a Top 100 (link) . . . and if you’re interested, #100 is Paul McCartney, who’s just behind 5 Seconds of Summer. BONUS- Who was the tops for the 1990’s and 2000’s…Eminem was “Billboard’s” top artist of the 2000s . . . and Mariah Carey won the 1990s. 


The guy who played Freddie Mercury in the Queen movie, Rami Malek is 40. You also know him as the star of “Mr. Robot”, and as the pharaoh in the “Night at the Museum” movies. 

Malin Akerman is 43. Lara Axelrod on Showtime’s “Billions” 

Jason Biggs is 43. Jim in the “American Pie” movies 

Kim Fields is 52. Tootie in “The Facts of Life”. 

Tony Hawk is 53. The greatest skateboarder in video game history. 

Scotty Schwartz is 53. The kid who got his tongue stuck to the pole in “A Christmas Story” . . . and the rich white kid who buys Richard Pryor in “The Toy”. 

Stephen Baldwin is 55. Baldwin brother whose daughter, Hailey Baldwin, married Justin Bieber. 

Charlie Sheen’s brother Emilio Estevez is 59. 

Ving Rhames is 62. Marcellus Wallace in “Pulp Fiction”, and Luther in the “Mission: Impossible” films. 

Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn is 66. 

Billy Squier is 71. His hits include “Rock Me Tonite”, “Everybody Wants You”, and of course “The Stroke”. 

Steve Winwood is 73. Biggest hits: “Back in the High Life Again” and “Higher Love”. 

Burt Bacharach is 93. Superstar composer. 

Yogi Berra (1925 – 2015) Classic quote, “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” (WOULD HAVE BEEN 96) 

George Carlin (1937 – 2008) “I have six locks on my door, all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three of them.”



Chelsea Zinn

Today’s birthday girl has been in 291 fine films including:

                   – Backseat Bangers 3

                   – Crack Whore Trailer Trash 2

                   – Dude, Your Mom Did Porn 4

                   – Latex Soccer Moms

                   – Mature Thunder Buns 1

                   – And who can forget her role in 2006’s The Vagina Dialogues

Chelsea Zinn is 50 years old.

sports_report_1.jpg 134551 The Blues have two more games to play and the first of two happens tonight at Enterprise Center.  The Blues take on the Wild tonight AND tomorrow with puck drop tonight at 8PM.  The ONLY thing for sure in the West Division is that the Blues will be 4th.  There IS still a chance that the Avalanche could overtake the Knights but if the season ended RIGHT NOW – it’d be the Blues and Knights in the first round. The Cards and Brewers went into extras last night, and the Cards decided that it was going to be a pretty exciting 11th inning.  Paul Goldschmidt went deep to give the Cards the lead…then….a 3 run jack by Tyler O’Neil provided some insurance.  Alex Reyes picked up the win as the Cards won 6-1.  Game 2 in the series is tonight.  John Gant gets the start and first pitch is scheduled for 6:40PM. Little housekeeping note here…Carlos Martinez was placed on the 10-day IL.  And, he didn’t even injure himself playing baseball.  When Jack Flaherty hit a homer over the weekend, Martinez celebrated, slipped on the steps in the dugout, and sprained his ankle.  Docs says he should be good to go after his stay on the IL.  Also – the Cards announced that they will be doubling the current attendance for the series in June against the Cubs.  You can get all the info and buy tickets at stlcardinals.com The Oakland Athletics said they will start exploring the possibility of relocating with the blessing of Major League Baseball, a move that could put pressure on local government officials to greenlight a new stadium project that has spent years in limbo. The A’s, who have played in Oakland since 1968, have prioritized building a waterfront stadium in downtown Oakland. The Athletics have moved twice since the franchise was founded in Philadelphia, arriving in Kansas City for the 1955 season and in Oakland for the 1968 season. Just two MLB teams have moved in the past half-century: The expansion Washington Senators became the Texas Rangers for the 1972 season, and the Montreal Expos transformed into the Washington Nationals for the 2005 season. The Yankees announced that third base coach Phil Nevin has tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.  “We have a breakthrough positive involving 3B Coach Phil Nevin, who is fully vaccinated. He is currently under quarantine protocol in Tampa. Under Major League Baseball’s guidance and advice, and with its assistance, additional testing and contact tracing are ongoing.” The CDC (link) refers to a breakthrough positive as a small percentage of people who are fully vaccinated that still get COVID-19, as “no vaccine prevents illness 100 percent of the time.” The players voted to play Tuesday’s game against the Rays despite the positive test. Manager Aaron Boone said before the game that other coaches are still being tested while bench coach Carlos Mendoza will coach third base in Nevin’s place. Boone also said that no players have been impacted by the positive test.  Also testing positive for the virus was Padres start SS Fernando Tatis Jr.  He will be out and quarantined for the next two weeks or so.  The Cards play the Padres coming up here soon, and Tatis will NOT be in the lineup. Colt Brennan, who set numerous NCAA records as the quarterback of the University of Hawai’i, has died.  Colt died early Tuesday morning at a hospital in California. The day before, paramedics were called to a hotel room where Colt Brennan had been with other people. Colt had ingested something laced with fentanyl and never regained consciousness. Only hours earlier, Colt had tried to enter a detox program at an area hospital, but he was turned away because there were no beds available. His run of success from 2005 to 2007 helped put Hawai’i football on the map. He passed for more than 4,000 yards three times, including for 5,549 in 2006. That season, he set the single-season record for touchdown passes with 58. The record was surpassed (link) by Joe Burrow during the 2019 season. A 2010 car accident left Brennan with a traumatic brain injury, and that made it difficult to continue his football career. He tried to catch on in the USFL, Canadian Football League and Arena Football League but didn’t stick and it was quickly downhill from there. Colt Brennan was 37. Chuck Liddell (link), who is 51 years old and has fought just once in the past 10 years, has joined the long list of athletes and celebrities who want to fight YouTuber Jake Paul.  The former UFC light heavyweight champion said on Twitter (link) he was “ready anytime for that clown.” Sure, Liddell has lost six of his last seven fights, including his last bout in 2018, when Tito Ortiz knocked him out. Still, Liddell was one of the most feared strikers in the UFC during his prime, defending the UFC light heavyweight title four times after beating Randy Couture to obtain it in 2005.